MEOS is announced. Its called “Voice”

Looks like Block.One just made a run of the mill social app. From what i see right now it has a single unique feature or spending tokens to boost your comment. Thats what is supposed to give the token value.

Spending tokens to get your “voice” heard.

I mean it sounds fine i guess but thats just a small feature. MINDS has something similar. Spending tokens to boost your post and even though it works fine there i never found the tokens to be in demand or the platform very appealing.

I havent gotten into the beta, i did sign up, so i cant be sure 100% but this hardly looks like a STEEM killer. Maybe a MINDS killer because it reMINDS me of it. (Get it. lol)

STEEM has a million and one application and utility connected to its token and a silly ERC 20 type idea doesnt really seem like a competitor.

There are a few things i do like and thats the KYC and eliminating bots, abusers, scumbags and psychopaths. I never found this “hide your identity” stuff too appealing. It allows for a lot of abuse and im not someone perpetually in ideological war with “government”.
The thing is that i dont see “Voice” being censorship resistant at all. They might not act on it but “Voice” is just a centralized app from what i can see.
Unfortunately it seems that guys that left for MEOS (Voice) like Bernie or a few other circle jerkers and abusive characters will be coming back since i dont think Voice will allow for such abusive behavior they are used to. (You celebrated too early haha)

In the end i have to give a big “MEH” to what ive researched and seen so far. Maybe theres more behind it but we will have to wait a bit to find out more.