First day at the Office: Bougth 300 STEEM at BITVAVO and…

…drank a couple of beers during lunchtime, just to avoid a drastic change on my psychological integrity ;-)…

By the way, I have to say and certify that Bitvavo works excellently.

The process of signing, verifying, transfering FIAT and buying STEEM have been done very fast and without problem.

Also, as I wrote in the title, I have spent 50 Euros, transferred directly from my Bank Account via SEPA, buying 301 STEEM this morning…

The fee has been minuscule (0.13 Euro) in my opinion, 0.25% which is peanuts!

If you are an EU resident and you want to buy or sell STEEM without having to buy first BTC or ETH or even use the Blocktrades conversions, you should try BITVAVO .

These 300 STEEM are planned to be powered up in my account but, since I expect to have some nice movements in the price of STEEM these days due to the HF21, which is coming tomorrow, for the moment, I am going to keep them at BITVAVO, just in case I can take some advantage :-)…

I am puting my referral and @soyrosa ‘s referrals below so we can get a portion in your trading fees, which, as I said, they are very tiny… @soyrosa wrote a post a few days ago informing about “The easiest way to buy STEEM directly in Europe – no more crypto conversions needed!” so, I would like to thank her about the discovery.

Referral Link of @soyrosa:

My Referral Link :


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