What is a Conex Box?

Conex Boxes are also known as shipping containers, and are the cargo containers that allow goods to be stored for transport in trucks, trains and boats, making intermodal transport possible. They are typically used to transport heavy materials or palletized goods.

This type shipping term was referred to as Container Express and became to be abbreviated as “ConEx.” Conex became universal and was later used to identify the entire category of shipping containers. Connex is also an accepted spelling.

Conex is also referred to as shipping container, ISO container, conex box, railroad container, intermodal container and certain truck trailers. This industry term refers to the International Standards Organization (ISO), the largest developer of international standards and the organization that developed the standard dimension specifications for steel shipping containers used worldwide.

The design of the ISO standard containers allows for intermodal shipping, which is the movement of containers from one mode of transport to another, like ship, rail, or truck, without the need of having to load and unload, and reload its contents.

Conex Boxes are used to protect transported cargo from shock and bad weather conditions, as well as keep storage products intact. They were first used in the 1950s and were initially developed for the purpose of commercial shipping.

Depending on the type of product that is going to be sent, the Conex box can vary in dimension, structure, material, etc. Characteristics of these shipping containers were later standardized, something that expedited transport without the need to load and unload the merchandise along the way.

There are different types of Conex Boxes for different types of transportation:

Common types include:

·       Dry Storage Conex Boxes

·       Refrigerated Conex Boxes

·       Open Top Conex Boxes

·       Flat Rack Conex Boxes

·       Open Side Conex Boxes

·       Tank Conex Boxes

·       Ventilated Conex Boxes

For more information about the differences, please visit the link at the end of this video.

Now we are going to run through the essential parts of a conex box.

For a door to work, you need hinges. Pins hold the conex box’s hinges together through a barrel. In certain cases when doors are difficult to open, hinge pins and blades may be seized due to corrosion.

Each door is fitted with 2 to 4 vertical lock rods to enable opening, closing and locking of the doors.

The door handle rotates the lockbar to initiate the door opening process by forcing the cams out of their keepers. Each door handle has a door locking handle retainer that slides over the door handle when in locked position.

At the end of each lock rod is a cam welded in place which engages with knuckles, also known as cam keepers. The action of engaging the cams to the keepers forms an anti-racking function. In certain cases, often unfortunately too many, contents of the conex box may have shifted causing conex box doors and lockrods to warp.

When opening a conex box, start with the right hand door first. Swivel the handles, engage the cams and keepers, and twist both door handles. Closing the doors is just a reverse of this process.

The lock box is a steel box welded to the right hand door which overlaps a staple welded to the left hand door. A padlock, normally CISA type 285 66 can then be attached inside the lock box through the staple and is then protected from direct attack, hindering attempts to gain entry to the container.

ISO markings and a consolidated data plate allow worldwide intermodal transport and are updated as necessary.

Take note that customs authorities in some countries may also have their own container seal regulations as part of their national security.

Rubber gaskets are fitted to the container doors during the manufacturing process and prevent water ingress. Door gaskets are designed to present two or more fins against the structure or adjacent door. These are generally flexible but when the gasket is damaged, they may become stiff thus jamming the door closed, or preventing it from being closed.

Conex boxes often take a beating, traveling around the world, being exposed to freezing conditions and rust due to seawater or when the frost has melted.

During the cold season, and in freezing parts of the world, our conex box tool can benefit the opening and closing of frozen conex box doors and hard to open or rusted containers.

Injuries often occur as a result of personnel trying to open and close difficult container doors, and often are the result of inappropriate techniques being used to open them.

To aid in opening and closing conex box doors, we introduce OPNBar.

Our conex box tool can simplify the opening/closing of conex boxes in freezing or wet conditions. It’s versatility can also help to open/close rusted or worn out containers, thump tires, and release tractor from trailer.

Our 3 in 1 conex box tool gives you the best bang for your buck in addition to the safety and savings our tool provides to trucking companies and their safety departments, along with insurance companies, reduced workman’s comp claims.



Trucking Company Safety – Reduce Injury / Workmans Comp Risk

Did you know that cargo and insurance companies lose billions a year due to operator injury? We introduce 3 Trucker Tools in 1! A conex box safety hand leverage tool, designed for opening and closing trucking and conex boxes, a Tire Thumper, and 5th Wheel Pull Hook, designed with the safety of the driver, operator, and worker foremost in mind.

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Work Gloves

Work gloves are worn to protect hands from potential mechanical hazards such as punctures, abrasions, cuts, and flame. They are further specialized for performing a certain task. These include multipurpose work gloves, construction gloves, general utility gloves, mechanics gloves (automotive work), leather welding gloves, insulated work gloves ( to keep warm during winters), leather working gloves, and rubber or latex gloves.



Industrial environments of today carry many activities that have risks. Governments and businesses in many countries define guidelines that benefit the safety of their workers. Many industrial applications promote the use of nitrile coated gloves for industry workers as a means of safety.


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For Those with Allergy Concerns

Nitrile coated work gloves are a type of glove made from nylone and coated with synthetic rubber. Nitrile is a polymer compound with a production process similar to that of making rubber. Unlike rubber however, nitrile is a 100% synthetic substance and typically does not create any type of allergic reaction on the human body and as a result, is accepted and used in many businesses. Nitrile is the synthetic form of latex and is commonly chosen for its strength.

Nitrile Latex vs Rubber
Just like natural rubber, Nitrile latex does not contain latex proteins. Nitrile rubber provides excellent resistance to tears and punctures and is almost 3 times stronger than natural rubber. Nitrile stands up well to oil, and makes it is a good choice for handling small wet/oily parts.
Features of Nitrile Work Coated Working Gloves

The main feature of knit nylon work gloves coated with nitrile is their good grip and dexterity. Nitrile coated palm and fingers provide protection from abrasion, excellent grip, are extremely thin and durable, are breathable, comfortable, cut resistant, have great dexterity, tactility, and sensitivity.

There are various types of Nitrile coated work glove dips available, some of them which include Nitrile palm coated gloves, foam Nitrile coated gloves, and fully coated Nitrile gloves.

All-Weather Work Gloves

Many businesses use nitrile work gloves for their workers and most of these companies, especially in cold weather areas of the world. Nitrile coated gloves can keep worker’s hands warm in cold weather conditions and allow them to move their hands freely and easily even in cold conditions as well as protect their hands from harmful substances, cuts, and abrasion.

Works Well with Wet Conditions and Oil

Nitrile coated gloves withstand oils and have tactility even when wet. Nitrile coatings protect hands by preventing oil from penetrating through the gloves. Some applications include working with small or oily parts, as nitrile coating provides a secure grip.

Durable and Long Lasting

Nitrile coated gloves do not easily break down, delaminate or blister-like other coating materials in the presence of oils and in general. This makes nitrile coated gloves a choice for jobs that require a high degree of sensitivity and dexterity, especially when grip is important such as assembly, construction, painting, working on automotive, handling small oily parts and components, gardening, machining, maintenance, warehouses, and trucking. Recreationally, they are also great for gardening, and various outdoor activities that require grip in wet conditions, like boating, fishing, hiking, and biking.

Other Information on Nitrile Coated Gloves

Nitrile-coated gloves are perfect for general work because of their durability and robustness. The nitrile coating will prevent cuts, tears, and even abrasions. These gloves work well between -25 F and 350 F.

Nitrile-coated work gloves are durable, but they will not provide a robust grip in oily and wet conditions compared to micropore nitrile gloves.

Nitrile foam coating may not be ideal for liquids and adhesives because they may seep inside the gloves.


Fingers compatible with touch screen

Breathable fabric to avoid sweating

Impact-absorbing pads on the palm

Should be flame resistant

Easily cleanable and machine washing

Plastic or rubber studs to protect the back of the hand from vibrations and punctures

Vibration absorbing pads on fingers and palm


Glove cuff is designed according to a particular task; some fit tightly to protect the wrist while others have loose fittings (to allow immediate removal in case of emergency). Here are some types of cuffs;

BAND TOP CUFF: This type of cuff has a large, loose cuff that allows quick removal upon emergency and improves breathing and airflow of hand.

KNIT CUFF: This type of cuff has a tight wrist fitting to keep gloves in place. It allows slow removal of gloves and prevents dirt and debris from entering.

ELASTIC CUFF: These are easier to put on and remove because of their short length. It has a chip closure at the wrist.

EXTENDED CUFF: Provides forearm and wrist protection with loose-fitting to improve airflow. Usually used for cleaning gloves.

HOOK AND LOOP CUFF: It helps to keep dirt out and allows gloves to be in place with tight-fitting.

BALL AND TAPE CUFF: Clings tightly to the wrist and provides effective protection.

PINKED CUFF: It has loose-fitting to allow fast removal and consists of a zigzag pattern cut into the cuff this helps to catch drips.


To find glove size use measuring tape in inches and always take measurements from the dominant hand i.e if you are right-handed take measurement from the right hand and vice versa. Some brands consider glove size by numbers and some by letters like s for small. The size of the glove varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Take the measurement around the hand at the widest part excluding the thumb.

Take another measurement from the fingertip of the middle finger to the base of the hand.


Gloves should be used with specific guidelines to ensure protection and safety.

You should clean and maintain reusable gloves.

Before working with chemicals make sure that your gloves are effective against that specific chemical.

Notice any burning or itching sensation while working because it is the indicator that you might be using the wrong glove.

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What should you know about Payroll APIs?

Imagine you sign in to an app to access your profile. But have you wondered how this process works so effortlessly?

The app calls an API (Application Programming Interfaces) to retrieve your account and its credentials, which then access this information from one of its servers and return the data to the application. So, APIs are essentially strands of code communicating with each other, forming a connection to exchange data.

Consent-driven payroll data exchange — The next wave of innovation in Fintech

The opportunities for Fintech to serve unmet financial needs and services for consumers are becoming imperative. APIs are important because they facilitate the seamless flow of data across multiple systems (silos), performing various tasks with various purposes. Essentially, payroll APIs change how banking, employers, and fintech companies make business transactions embracing secured data-sharing solutions for better connectivity.

Real-time payroll data exchange will enable organizations to build specific products that run payroll, calculate taxes, transfer money and inform relevant agencies. Moreover, accessing salary & employment data through these third-party APIs can directly provide personalized financial services (like payroll-linked loans) or employee benefits.

Payroll APIs for endless opportunities

A. Connecting to payroll data benefits the banking sector

Traditional systems used for data verification could potentially cause data breaches and can compromise employees’ private information. With payroll APIs, the data is only accessed at the time of verification (real-time) helping maintain the security and privacy standards.

While payroll providers can get access to payroll data which is secured with transparency showing how and who is accessing data. Providers can use these connections to add new services and applications that benefit consumers, employees, and payroll companies.

. income verification

. employment verification

Using payroll data, banking institutions can quickly surpass both underwriting and servicing loans. Banks can verify income and employment information more rapidly and efficiently than existing methods. This access to real-time work and income data can enable them to reduce friction and accelerate customer onboarding.

How does this benefit?

Loan repayments directly accessed from a consumer’s or applicant’s paycheck de-risks a loan significantly (also known as payroll-attached lending). It further reduces fraud, improves credit quality, and decreases charge-offs.

B. Payroll data empowers Payroll Infrastructure platforms to serve employers better

Payroll attached API solutions will dramatically improve verification speed for background checks, coverage rate, and quality leads. In addition, it also helps in a faster and smoother employee onboarding process.

Other essential advantages of Payroll APIs for employers are:

1. Employers can provide holistic and flexible employee benefits aligned to their employees’ custom requirements, powered by payroll APIs. These employee benefits depend on the coverage (number of employers and employees on the API platform) connecting the fragmented landscape of payroll providers.

2. Can be used to access historical data — Payroll attached APIs can help build historical data of employees and help in saving time from re-authenticating frequently.

C. Powering the rise of FinTech companies

Fintech companies can get more seamless and secure access to payroll and HR systems to pull all employee data into one place. It significantly saves time for a need to build one-off integrations, as customers may be on different payroll and HR system providers. Resulting in payroll access providing a rich set of additional and quality data. In addition, fintech companies are sanctioning loans to their consumers within five mins post-checking the credit score in real-time.

For example, payroll attached APIs can help directly access and pull out employee headcount expenses from payroll data, allowing underwriting insurance or commercial lending for business quickly.

Tartan’s mission to improve customers financial lives

In today’s world, you need agile systems that are fast, adaptive, and change according to requirements. Tartan enables user consent-driven income and employment data connectivity in real-time directly from the payroll and work systems to streamline verification, enhance user experience and reduce risks.

Tartan’s solution strengthens the gap by providing a payroll API solution that is well-positioned for growth with organizations. If you’re interested in seeing a demo of our payroll API solution, get in touch.

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation aims to save the life of humans. It involves a simple process of rescue ventilation and chest compression to maintain the flow of oxygen in the body of a cardiac arrest victim. The goal here is to provide enough oxygen supply to the brain until the commencement of the advanced life support.

Statistics on Death and Severe Condition of SCA Patients

The American Heart Association Corona in CA has revealed that cardiac arrest results in the death of about half a million people in the USA yearly. Moreover, the condition has a relatively higher rate of mortality than any other disease prevailing in the world. If this is not enough, the latest data reveals that about 90 percent of sudden cardiac arrest takes place at home or the workplace. In contrast, only 45 percent of the patients survive when they get CPR immediately.


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When the heart of a person stops beating, one should take action to increase the survival chance by double or triple. The statistics have mandated individuals to attend CPR Classes in Corona CA to become CPR-certified personnel. Here, you will know the levels of ACLS Corona CA, and other California cities. 

Levels of CPR Certification in Corona CA

Candidates may have three different levels of PALS Corona CA at the healthcare expert level. These include the following-

Basic Life Support

BLS Certification in Corona CA includes the courses to cover the benefits associated with rescue breathing and basic chest compressions. You will also learn the application of AEDs to infants, children, and adults. However, BLS in Corona CA is the lowest cardiopulmonary resuscitation program available for healthcare professionals.

The program works well for various low-risk environments. Laypeople may even undergo such programs related to CPR and First Aid Certification in Corona CA if they work in any organization, where health-related emergencies may usually occur. These include beaches, schools, and other related recreational sites. 

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

The certification classes related to ACLS in Corona CA involve the combination of basic skills in CPR and innovative techniques to boost the outcome in adult patients with sudden cardiac arrest. The certification particularly saves the life of adults who suffer from acute coronary syndrome and heart dysrhythmias. The level is essential for emergency service professionals and medical assistants, who work in hospitals and other acute settings. 

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

PALS in Corona CA is applicable for children and the course helps candidates to handle pediatric emergencies. The certification program is an excellent choice for all medical professionals who have to work with infants and kids. A high level of certification helps users to let them prepared to handle emergencies at the workplace, at home, or any place at a distance. Simultaneously, it offers plenty of tangible benefits to healthcare experts.

CPR Certification is vital for every individual working in the healthcare industry. It is essential for many employers at different levels and particularly, for medical assistants and emergency people. However, the certification is available for bystanders who want to become lifesavers for sudden cardiac arrest patients and heart patients.

Points to Consider Selecting a Sophisticated Office Space

Workplace environments and workspaces designed and decorated beautifully play vital roles to boost the culture and vision of companies. 

Whether you own a big company or a local business, you cannot overlook the significance of sophisticated office space. You should consider a few points to choose the right one, as discussed in our blog post. 

Accessibility and Location

Location is a significant factor in selecting an office space. When you get an accessible location for your business, you will contribute to the massive success of your organization. In many cities, lack of enough parking spaces and traffic are two concerns of employees. However, when you provide a workspace accessible easily for both private and public transportation, your employees do not have to bother about getting from and to work daily.

On the other hand, your clients may find your business unit without any problem. Besides, you have to look for spaces belonging to a business district or close to coffee shops, malls, and restaurants. In this way, you will contribute to quick accessibility and improvement in employee morale. 

Size of Your Business or Company 

The size of your business or company must match your chosen premise. You must prevent cramming the employees in a tiny or limited space without any room to breathe. In contrast, you must avoid overspending on a big space that will go out of your requirement.

In this situation, you must stay aware of the sizing requirements and coworking aspects so that you may avoid switching among sites to look for the right space. If you have plans to grow your business or company and hire many employees, you may look for a big one with enough flexibility based on the design and layout.

Cost of Your Office Space 

You should make sure to strategize the cost associated with your office space. The price affects your business income and determines the extent of reserves you can manage. However, if the subsidy or the price for the place is limited, it leads to a poor working environment and a sub-standard location.

However, with inflated prices, your business will spend a huge amount more than the one you can afford easily. In this way, you will bear a big expense and a high lease. You should check and ensure that the selected office area has zero hidden charges, like amount for parking, maintenance, association dues, and others. Instead, you should check whether the lease price matches the included facilities and your selected location.

Infrastructure and Technology

Modern companies and business units may hardly perform their functions without an internet connection. Hence, the internet is an essential aspect when selecting an office space. Your selected space must have a stable, reliable, and fast internet connection to maintain the employees’ productivity and your reputation in front of clients. Besides, your chosen workspace must accommodate infrastructural changes based on your business requirements.


Overall, office space and the environment play crucial roles in the satisfaction, productivity and engagement. Therefore, whenever you establish your new business unit or extend your branch in other cities, you must choose the right one to highlight your company’s culture.


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