This week at the allotment – Sowing seeds, preparing the new greenhouse, digging and tidying.

Weve still been getting frosts so ive held off planting and sowing too much at the moment.
Took a trip to the garden centre to get some seeds and plants……

tomato’s potted on.

Sowed some seeds : Tomato, cabbage and sweetcorn. Using John innes potting compost.

give them a watering….

Then into the polytunnel. As its still cold on a night, ive put the tray on some blocks of polystyrene for insulation.

We aquired a new greenhouse last Autumn. We’ve now raised it on breeze-blocks to give a bit more height inside.

New water barrel.

Time to do a bit of tidying and digging… Thanks Max and Paddy 🙂

Pear tree in blossom.