Gardening – D.I.Y. raised bed frame.

We have a big problem at the allotment from pigeons stripping brassicas as soon as we put them in the ground. So i decided to build a frame to cover my raised bed.

I bought some 15mm flexible plastic tubing and a packet of clips from B&Q.

Then cut the tubing to your required size….

The hammer a clip into the side of your raised bed and place 1 end of the tube into the clip. then do the same at the other side.

I then cut 2 more pieces of tubing and place at equal distance over the full bed and secured with clips…

Then place a gardening cane over the centre of all the hoops and tie with string, twine or tie wraps…..

Then cover with netting.

Cabbages planted.

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Allotment update 30/05/2019 – Rotivator now working, potato’s and sunflowers planted.

A robin came to visit while we were digging.
A bit more work done in the allotment. We managed to fix the rotavator. It had a damaged fuel tank so we took the tank off an old petrol generator and bodged it onto the rotavator.

Paddy and Minnie rotavating 🙂

Now the ground is ready to plant into, its Time to plant some potato’s.

First lot of early potato’s

Bought some aloe vera plants for the greenhouse, only £1.50 each, bargain.

Voddy and coke break lol.

Sunflowers transplanted.

Cabbage ready to be transplanted.

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This week at the allotment – Sowing seeds, preparing the new greenhouse, digging and tidying.

Weve still been getting frosts so ive held off planting and sowing too much at the moment.
Took a trip to the garden centre to get some seeds and plants……

tomato’s potted on.

Sowed some seeds : Tomato, cabbage and sweetcorn. Using John innes potting compost.

give them a watering….

Then into the polytunnel. As its still cold on a night, ive put the tray on some blocks of polystyrene for insulation.

We aquired a new greenhouse last Autumn. We’ve now raised it on breeze-blocks to give a bit more height inside.

New water barrel.

Time to do a bit of tidying and digging… Thanks Max and Paddy 🙂

Pear tree in blossom.

Its time to get things growing in the allotment again – New polytunnel

Its been a long winter this year in the UK. We are still not out of the woods, still getting the odd ground frost but its time to get things going as the allotment is looking a bit of a mess.

I decided to buy a new polytunnel to get seeds and cuttings started.

1st job to do was to dig and level the ground and lay some membrane to keep the weeds at bay. My arthritis means i struggle with the digging so thanks to @pedrosgali, @shammyshiggs, Diz, Spike and Max for the help.

Then the frame went up…
Then the canopy..

Polytunnel looks pretty good and does the job.
Time to get planting. 🙂