Manchester United on the Hot Seat Today

Hello everyone good morning, hope we are all doing great. People will ask why that headline. Manchester United will be playing Arsenal the Gunners today and this is a tough match for them to play. Looking at the previous matches and the kind of teams they played with and how they struggled to win and sometimes how they lost the match. This match is a headache for them. If they dont win the match they are out from the first top 5 teams of the epl on the table and also they won be part of top 10 teams. So this game is a game of Full win for them. No matter how the case is they have to try their maximum best to win. Also most of our players are done on injury, I havent check the latest news on Manchester United yet this weekend so I dont know whether they are up and fit but I heard about Pogba being back on his feet but might miss this match. And if Pogba miss this match then I guess we will lose the game because we dont have a master mind player in the midfield who will do all the passing work very well. So today is today let us all wait patiently for the time and then see what happens

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