Munich to Host 2022 Finals of the Champions League.

Champions League Finals 2021 will be held in Petersburg but it has not yet been confirmed yet. But as for the 2022 the finals of the Champions will be moved back in Munich. For so many years since Bayern Munich played Chelsea at the Final la in Munich the Finals of the UEFA champions league has not been moved there but now it has been confirmed that they will play the 2022 Finals in Munich. UEFA has organized alot of seasons of the UEFA. champions league at first the name wasn’t UEFA champions league but it was European Champions Clubs Cup and then later on was changed to the UEFA Champions League. It has been a great tournament since. When the name was changed they have played almost 30 seasons since it was changed to UEFA Champions League. This has been the greatest League of all. Nice job to all those who voted for the 2022 Finals to be played in Munich thank you very for stepping by have a great day.

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