Steemit Promotion on going

I started my steemit promotion way back when I was in school, and when I completed I have not stop promoting steemit because I know what this platform has done for me and what it is about to do for me so I always want to show others so that they enjoy want is about to come. I joined steemit way back in 2017. I was being laughed at when I started to blog on the platform because they said it was fake but I continue to do it later on they all realized that I was doing the right thing and they all joined me. I am saying this to tell you that if you are doing something and you listen or look at what others are saying you wont be able to progress or move a step forward. There are a lot of people out there who just want to here this platform and join. So lets us all hold hands and promote steemit like we use to do at first and everything will come back to normal I mean the price that is fallen. I will also like to plead with the whales and dolphins and those with high steem power to support some of the minors because if they say that they have earn even $1 it will serve as a motivation to post again because he or she might get $2 in his or her next post and it will also encourage them to make good post. But if they post and they are being ignored they will feel bad and wont like to post again. @Teamsteem, @pickokernel, @ackza, @bleepcoin, @surfyogi and many more actually helped me and not me alone most of the minnows in their post. Most at times I feel so happy to see Teamsteem liking my post, and this gives me more zeal to do more because if I do more than I did first he will vote again and it kept me going now we dont see such things happening all the whales are voting whales and the minnows are left behind and the minnow are the ones we have to push up to become whales and they will also help another minnows to become a whale and the platform will be growing. If the whales help whales they will be stack there and the growth of the platform will still be the same. Lets us all promote steemit to the fullest thank you for your time.

About the author: Desmond Duodu
I am a crypto enthusiast guy. I also love to help friends and see them make it in life.

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