Memories of Steemit Africa MeetUP

This is an unforgettable moment. The moment I wish it will comeback again steemit Africa Meetup. This is where the journey of most Ghanaians got to know the name steemit and what steemit can do for them. Listen to @Tj4real speaking about his experience on steemit, it was full of joy and was in a rush to get hooked up to the platform and enjoy the same as he did. And God being so Good It happened like that too. If this kind of promo and meetup keeps going on in Africa and other country i strongly beleive that steemit will get some light on and get back to the boom level of it price. Because it was after this time that I saw the steem price move up and I was like wow… Now I dont mostly hear of meetups. I will use this blog to plead with some of the whales who really want to see steemit boom back again to support meetups with the little they can so that others can go out to reach more people not through only social media but in person and talk to them about steemit and actually get them signed up instantly and show them how to go about on the platform. Afterwards when they post then the promo team will vote him or her for about two – three weeks by doing so the person will be hooked on to the platform and start to engage more. Please whales try and think of this and lets see how it will move.

About the author: Sophia Duodu
I am a hard working girl who recently joined crypto and will want to know more about Crypto Currency.

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