Suggestion on Steem Price

Hello everyone good day, Hope we all have seen how the price of steem is fallen and I would like to suggest something that can be done to see if the price of the steem will move up again. From my experience, when I first joined steemit, i noticed that the only crypto payment we receive as payment was SBD and steem power so I actually asked of why that not steem and I had an explanation that when the SBD shoot up it pulls up with the steem. So as SBD is going up steem will also be going up. I studied it and it worked perfectly because as we saw SBD making waves steem was also coming. Now they have chance the reward to steem. The price of steem is also low so even if anyone is interested in the platform and see the mode of payment he or she wont feel like joining. So why dont they change it from Steem to SBD so that as the SBD moves up then it will be dragging up the steem. The price of SBD will shoot up if the pricing system is changed to SBD. So I am pleading with the team of Steem to look into it and do something about it.

About the author: Desmond Duodu
I am a crypto enthusiast guy. I also love to help friends and see them make it in life.

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