Tottenham Taking 7 goals at Home

Hello everyone, Today is another for all of us. Champions League continues. And Yesterday too some of the Champions League matches went on. Tottenham played played Bayern yesterday. During the first Half Tottenham showed Bayern that they will score them and took the lead with a nice strike from Son. Kimmich didnt allow that lead to proceed so he gave a nice placement straight to the net of Tottenham making it draw. The goal was really nice and fantastic. The way he dribbled the player and didnt move the ball again and placed it at the right bottom corner of the goal keeper, everyone in the room was clapping. Getting to the half time of the game. Lewandoski gave a nice skills which was marked by Champions league Instagram page as the Skills of the Day. And gave a nice pass but that one didnt go through so he has to come and struggle for the ball as the got the ball it was a nice turning with a shoot straight into the net. So when they went for Half Time Bayern was leading by 2 goals to 1. When they came back from the Half time Bayern added another 5 goals and then Tottenham scored 1 to their 1 making it 2. So when the match came to an end it was 7-2 against Tottenham. Thank you for your time more news coming.

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