Yesterday was not my lucky day

Yesterday I place a nice bet that I almost won the bet but one team just one team spoiled the bet for me. In the begining when I was staking the bet I was not sure that it might go through to that point and also when I saw that the team that I know will spoil it will spoil it I tried to do a fast withdrawal of which I wont get the full money. But unlucky for me when the money came that was 65gh when I tried to with the team has already been scored so they took away the money again. It really hurt me that I didnt remove that team from my best and fix in Arsenal or PSV or Celtic so that I could have won the bet. It really pain me that I could won that bet because it was a serious bet that anybody wont go for that kind of bet but I did. But better Luck next time.

About the author: Desmond Duodu
I am a crypto enthusiast guy. I also love to help friends and see them make it in life.

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