United playing Draw With Az

Hello everyone, Yesterday was more fun in the Europa league as Manchester United played Draw with AZ and took home with a 1 points and now they are leading the table with 4 points. Manchester United has to win their next match to secure their position to qualify to the next stage. The group that was given to Manchester United was an easy go team but look at what they are doing. Truely this shows that the team is really not in a good form. Lazio did well to do their comeback thing to win the match again Rennes. It was really sad when I saw Rennes leading by 1 goal in the first half before they went on the half time break. But I think the peep talk that was given to them worked nice so when they came back from the half time break they did what they can to make sure that they take home the 3 points. Nice game to Lazio. Manchester United on the Other had has alot of work to do else if we qualify to the next stage of the Europa League we might get off from the Europa League. Because with this kind of performance is not really showing that the team can win something this season.

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