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This last week i decided to check out two of the biggest engagement contests on Steem and Whaleshares. One is run by @abh12345 called “Curation and Engagement league” which essentially tracks your engagement and curation statistics over the course of the week and the other is the “Beast challenge” on Whaleshares run by @lexiwitness.
Thats not a weekly thing like the engagement league but it does happen fairly often. You get a number of posts and comments you need to make in a period of time. The first one i saw was i think 1000 comments (no spam) and the one im doing right now is:

5 days, 5 posts (+150 words), 300 comments.

Above all else i have to say that this is damn hard. Ive been listed in the engagement league for a week now and i didnt even make the list the first week. lol. I think i made 90 comments with a 20k character length while there are folks with almost 10 times that. Never thought i was so far behind. 🙂
The beast challenge ive been doing for one day and i barely got 20 comments in.

How in the world do you come up with something smart to say all the time! haha

Im not the kind of guy that will say:

Good job! Keep it up! Thank you! You are welcome!

That seems kind of cheap. (Unless you really need to say thank you. haha)
I like to make my comments unique, memorable, annoying, hilarious … intellectually stimulating. mmmm. 😀

Which is why it can get hard (I think theres a joke in there somewhere) thinking up my next comment.

Alright, to stop complaining all the time, i need to get back into it.
Goal this week:
1. 280 comments in 4 days!
2. Get on abh12345 list!

Lets win that Heineken keg!
(Thats the first prize, right?)

Ill see you guys and keep on!

About the author: lordbutterfly
Im a Steem and Whaleshares blogger that writes about crypto and everyday stuff.

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