The sorry state of Whaleshares.

When Whaleshares started up many hated it, many were skeptical, many called it a steemit clone. But im someone that likes giving projects the benefit of the doubt. I gave it a shot and for a while things were going ok. There were promises of massive development, of some kind of secret update that would change everything (still dont know what that is) so i stuck around.

I did my best to talk positive about Whaleshares and to be part of the community and for most part it was enjoyable. I met some great people and some not so great ones but overall the positive camp was much bigger.

Whaleshares in a couple months will be 1 year old and looking back i cant say i see them ever achieving much. There was a lot of promise, there were passionate people involved, there was a solid ground to build upon and a solid idea…

But unfortunately passionate people and solid ideas does not necessarily translate into success.


Lets be honest here. When Whaleshares came to be, it came to be from a few disgruntled individuals that thought they could create a better Steemit. A fairer community with better token distribution and rewards for the best contributors. They thought they would eliminate bots and vote buying..

They were wrong.

They failed so badly that they didnt achieve any of that. Vote buying turned into whaletoken purchases on Bitshares and the fairer token distribution went down the toilet with “curation projects” like V12 lead by Scipio that would basically vote up a post with a small percentage and then upvote the comment on the post in question of the V12 account saying: “You got curated!” (Im paraphrasing) with a full vote.

Then you had guys like Haejin or Vladimir self voting just like on Steemit and nothing was being done about it. Now i dont know if they are still on Whaleshares. I dont care to look but a month ago when i last dropped by that was the case.

The problem with some Whaletokens (Not all allow trading) is that the purchase of a vote would get you around 2 times more WLS then if you purchased WLS directly. This ofc acted as a downward pressure on the price.
What some people did, and what i did for a time is simply sell the WLS i get from powering down, purchase the vote and then again just sell the WLS.

Bam! You just made a 200% return on your purchase and that just compounded over time. All you need to do is repeat this over and over. There was no point in buying WLS. Only selling it.

So those are 2 things..

The biggest issue though, i will talk about next is the behavior of the people heading the project. Again, i have to repeat, the devs in charge are really nice people and i cant say a single bad thing about them in terms of their actions towards me nor have i ever seen them act unfairly to anyone.

But…. i have to touch up on the most important thing which is why im basically done with Whaleshares for now



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I have discussed this issue with the devs in the Whaleshares chat, DMs and on chain on a number of occasions and the responses i got were extremely discouraging and showed me a complete lack of understanding of how the crypto market works along with an irrational fear of leaving their small corner of Bitshares.

I will not name names but you can always find the conversations in the Whaleshares discord chat or on chain if youre interested.

I have talked to a number of people and the strange thread of thought they had is the following:

>If WLS gets listed that will lead to whales taking control of Whaleshares and then they can dump WLS and that will destroy the price.

The feeling i got from this is that they want to live in a bubble hidden from the world. They fear they will lose control if investments come in.

That was very strange to see because the price has already tanked by 99.1% in 10 months. (now at $0.003 from a high of $0.33). The smaller your market cap is, the easier it is for anyone to manipulate the market. Someone with a few thousand dollars could do it. Without money coming in all you have is WLS going out, votes being purchased and the price tanking even more.

It seems to me that the unreasonable fear of the market, the fear that Whaleshares will end up like Steemit (in their minds) is the downfall of Whaleshares and WLS.

It is a sorry thing to see from a project that had potential. Sorry even more so because those are some good people there that put in work and dedication to create something “better”. Unfortunately their mindsets are not well suited for success in the world we call crypto.

Just a few thoughts and ill see you guys later.

Passed 10k stake on Whaleshares. // Might as well share. :)

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So yeah. Theres that…. Now you know, might as well end this post right now.

Nah.. Thatd be cheap.

I think i did the 5000 Whalestake post less then 2 months ago. Didnt really take that much to double my stake. I think i was pretty consistent getting 1300 Stake every 2 weeks.
Lately i started posting quite a bit less due to time constraints and im sad to say that as summer keeps closing in ill be posting less and less.
Summer is B to the W for me so im not sure how motivated i will be to post as often.

What i think i will do is maybe start making videos. Have some fun with it. Record myself on the open sea catching fish with dynamite, grab a pint and talk about some crap. Not the targeted STEEM based crypto nonsense… Just random crap. How Ronaldo gets pedicures and G.R.R Martin is a secret pothead.

Ugh. I wish i was remotely funny irl as i can be in text. Doesnt translate. <cry emoji>

So yeah, again….

Im above 10k on Whaleshares.
Whaleshares is great.
There are some great folks there.
I try and spread 100% votes to my whole feed as often as i can.
The devs there/here (where ever you read this post) seem great and hard working.
Im glad they are embracing other chains as well and im hopeful for the future.

The price right now isnt great but that is to be expected with such a small market meaning that anyone can basically manipulate the price which is the reason why the price is so low. But it can also work the other way. Someone with only a couple thousand USD could change it all up.
Hoping to see the big Whaleshares change soon and a listing on a few exchanges. 🙂

And there you have it folks.

The arbitrary milestone announcement. The arbitrary joke. The arbitrary platform praise. The arbitrary thoughts.

And here the arbitrary:

Keep on!

TSLA is a STAY AWAY unless 260 is taken back

Sometimes the closing prices and charts give you a CLEAR understanding of supply and demand especially when considering assets on a long term timeframe. I have been a TSLA fan for years, not going to lie. I still like the company, I still like the vision, I still like the CEO, but I do not like the chart. This is unfortunate because I want TSLA to survive because I like the idea of Luxury Electric Cars. But You can’t just hop on the ship here…

The Chart is showing a disaster of a breakdown here. It has been range bound for

Daily Crypto Digest – 009

Sometimes, the harder you fall, the stronger you rise”. – Anonymous 

Every now and then we are mostly faced with one challenges or the other. It may be financial, spiritual or physical. But every time you fall, the best thing to do is to rise and stand firm again. Why? Because no one would be there to pick you up.

This is the cryptoland, and there are different fall that could manifest in various ways.

Talk of buying a crypto coin at a prize you dim safe only to later realize you are one of those who bought the top, or maybe due to your trading convenience you slept soundly leaving your crypto on an exchange with the confidence that you are protected from price risk having set a stop loss at a target you are willing to take a loss only to wake up to the news that the exchange has been hacked.

It could be the loss of a private key, it may be the direct compromise of your device. Whatever challenges you might have been through, “you really need to pick yourself up and rise again”.

Maybe you risked so much denting your way of life as a result. You got very hard on yourself thinking about where to start from. I am glad to tell you there is a solution and that solution is “starting all over again”.

No doubt! Your decision made things worse, it prolonged your days of struggle. Mind you, you have got no option than to “start over again”. Yeah! It worth it. Why? Because the greatest thing that is happening to your life right now is the privilege of living, and the grace of life itself is worth living for.

So, pick yourself back up and start over again.
Your experience just made you stronger, you got wiser, more rational and also careful. 

There is winning time for everyone at a different period. Your winning time will come.
As long as you wake up, stand on your feet, breath in and out, every day is a new chance for new opportunities.

Dear reader, don’t mind me for my naughty dry advice, the cryptoland is just a dangerous path to journey, it takes only the strong to survive, and the strong become stronger as the downside of it can hardly be averted. 

But there are winning days for everyone, all it takes is to sit tight, hold your breath and strike at the right moment, and if your subjected right moment turns out the other way. Don’t go hard on yourself tomorrow might just be another better opportunity.
Alright! Let get into today’s digest.

Some discussion you should be part of.

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This analysis indicated the Golden Cross just formed on Bitcoinsince 2015.

The comments on the post would definitely make bubbles in your stomach .

BMW announced VerifyCarpower by the VenChain blockchain.Crypto is getting more adoptionthan you think.

NEO revitalize their coin economic model of the awaited NEO 3.0_


A report of NASDAQ secretly testing Bitcoin-basedproduct.

Charlie Lee(litecoin founder) perspective on cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Binance completed the swap of BNB ERC token to its native coin on its main net._

Reports and Updates in the News.

Blockchain became widely speculated as a disruptive tech base on the combination of its makeup technologies, especially cryptography and the unit identifier using hashes.

Taking into consideration all aspects that make it’s immutable and secured such as a sequential ordering of block, history of block authenticity and many others. It will be quite difficult to carry some set of attacks on the tech.

But that status took a huge blow.Recently, in the news, there is a report of a hacker who was able to guess the private keys of over 700 accounts containing about 45,000 either put together, an incident which questions the credibility of the algorithm used for generating private keys on the Ethereum blockchain.

As the common know, a software system needs a single point of weakness to be rendered vulnerable. Let see what impact this have on the general view of blockchain and how the community reacts to it.

Read the in-depth news now on Cointelegraph.

Staking Is The Next Profit Mining

Gone are the days when the general belief to profit on cryptocurrency is to HODL or engage in trading in the hope of better valuation per unit of owned asset.

But there are now some different ways to profit by just holding an asset provided it is done the rightful way.

One of it is staking owned asset for a particular period of time which may be a period of 6 months, 9 months, or a year with the aim of realizing some interest.

This new mechanism is seeing the establishment of different projects providing such opportunities.

In the news – BlockFi ‘a crypto lending service” saw a major in flush of customers staking their Bitcoin or Ether asset(s) with the aim of benefiting from the annual interest rate.

Continue the read on Coindesk.

Other Updates and Report in the news.

You can now shop with Bitcoinon Amazon.

This crypto app lets you track and analyze over 2,000 crypto asset price and performance.

Here is another app that gauges the market mood and sentiment for better analysis.

The story of a wealthy founder who lost over $130 Million in bitcoin investment.

Crypto-base transfer can cut remittance fee costs in Africa by 90%.

Survey shows South Koreans increased crypto holding over the last year by 64%.

Teen sent to 10 years imprisonmentfor attempted crypto hacking on cell phones._

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My portfolio is performing poorly and its making me sad. :)

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The market right now has shown me one thing. Im being too subjective about the tokens i hold.
Instead of adjusting my expectations to what i know about the market, i hodl. hehe.


Im of the belief that STEEM is extremely undervalued and that it should be up in the top 10 tokens. But i know as well that the market doesnt see it that way. I also know that there is sense to the market nonsense.

BNB is a good example of this. You could say BNB is similar to STEEM in a way, as their price is derived from the attention they get (you could make the argument that is the case with every other token). The difference being the structure of the attention. STEEM community is filled with lower income individuals looking to empower themselves. The Binance community on the other hand is filled with whales, more then any other crypto community.

BNB by itself is not a revolutionary or even slightly innovative cryptocurrency. Its “real” value is low.
BNB can do nothing for mainstream adoption unlike STEEM that at the same market cap could potentially bring in hundreds of thousands new crypto users.

The market doesnt really care though, and i know that…

Take another example…


When i just started up on Whaleshares and i was researching WLS it was almost obvious that WLS would go down to 1 or 2 cents. We even discussed it in the COM discord server.
When your token has such a small reach due to being open to trade only on 1 exchange with only 1 trading pair there comes a point when the pool of users that can be introduced to your token dries up. Since over time the current Whaleshares users accumulate WLS and there arent more users coming to trade the token or buy to power up, the WLS price drops significantly.

Not only that, but with such a small market cap it becomes extremely easy to manipulate the market.
My fear is that if WLS remains only on Bitshares we could see prices go lower then 1 cent.

Instead of taking into account all that, i decided not to powerdown my WLS and the small amounts i did i just reinvested it right back in..

I think i need to stop getting “emotionally attached” to tokens. hehe.

Just a few thoughts as always. Most then anything, telling myself more then anyone else that i shouldnt get so emotionally attached to tokens. 😀

Ill see you around. Keep on!

Daily Crypto Digest – 008

Yeah! It another digest after some time out.

I wish I could keep to the title of the digest series with the daily tag use, but sometimes circumstance can act very naughty against personal goals.

Whichever way, it’s been fun writing about blockchain and crypto related stuff as I found a passion that would be hard to let go within the sphere.

Setting out with this digest series – my aim was to push myself to put something out there every day but I need to take things as it is presently and work towards being fairly independently (a day I can’t wait to experience) then I can start blaming my self more. Who knows ‘crypto might just be the mantle of liberty’ I so much crave.

Enough of the stories.

Let get into today’s digest.

“Silence after a sudden noise” – I couldn’t find a better phrase to qualify the present market condition. The king has chosen to fend off intruders by setting up some resistance at $4,900-$5050 marks. Tested many times but not broken, the fortress seems to be HODLing. It’s now a question of if the exhausted bears would finally surrender and run off into their jungle to allow the King expand his dynasty, or if they will keep fighting until there is no more legacy left in their veins.

Whatever their decision is, their time of merriment seems to be over.

It is understandable why they find it giving up so easily, no one could simply give up after colonizing a place of abundance for so long, the taste of the blood shed by longs still makes butterflies in their stomach, sustaining them even through the harsh winter without a single loss in meat mass.

Now, the juvenile bulls in their big numbers are waiting rather impatiently inside the fortress, picking up every meal they could to build up their strength for the upcoming great run, while their wearing fathers hold up the tiring bears over the walls.

This for sure would be a run that would go down in history, their numbers are that much terrifying.

Some discussions you should be part of.

Pixabay Image


The HODL legacy persists among believers, demonstrated in different ways. This demonstration is truly explicit.

You must have heard of some crypto related suicide which may be very terrifying to your ears, but be ready to hear the shock of a life with the staggering number of suicide the 2008 financial crisis caused.

Undercover reports on bitcoin bull run imminency.

Another exit scam.

A crypto startup that developed wallet without private keys. Incredible!


The launch of the widely awaited Binance chain.

English Premier league cryptocurrency sponsorship deal is gaining more exposure.

Russian operative used cryptocurrency at almost every stage in their online efforts to interfere in the 2016 U.S election.

Reports and Updates In The News

Pixabay Image

It is a famous story in the bible – the story of David and Goliath.

The small boy of few age from nowhere who defeated a full-grown Man with immense strength and reputation. Growing himself to become a great king that ruled a big kingdom.

This story could be compared to a startup that developed so aggressively to become the industrial leader disposing all Goliaths that ruled for many years before its birth.

I am talking of no one but the Binance exchange. The leading exchange that seems to be running on a non-extinguishable volcano.

Binance took the industry by storm, setting new rules and examples as it progresses upward. Now, the company standards are being considered as a template for future developments by other exchanges.

When it comes to marketing Binance is exceptional, talk of the product; the company knows exactly how to mould its mole, what of a sustainable community and growth, they perform incredibly.

As part of its development, Binance recently launched its scalable mainnet chain migrating it token from the Ethereum chain which swap will commence on the 23 of April.

Right before it gets started, a project “Mithril” whose focus is on social mining i.e the act of rewarding content creators by the community of readers and curators, has already taken a spot as the first project to migrate to the Binance chain.

Read more about this migration now on Cointelegraph.

Take Your Crypto Privacy to Another Level

Traditional services we have been accustomed to are making the slogan “be your own bank” a hard nut to crack for the majority. If any crypto follower would tell about his/her greatest challenges, keeping and safeguarding private keys would make the top of the list.

Rewiring from the addicted old ways of trusting centralized services with our wealth and property demanded more mindfulness than we are ready to give.

But our negligence comes with the price of dashing away our magical money straight to the mouth of the masked wolves.

Mostly, the simple mistakes we make comes from the pattern of our behaviors when dealing with these digital assets rather than the direct theft of the coins from our physical devices.

This guide is meant to show you some little steps and precaution you could adopt to strengthen your privacy and improve your online behaviors when it comes to crypto dealings.

Read the guide now on


Crypto market update from Nugget’s news.

Other updates and reports in the news

Pixabay Image

Poloniex supports Tether USDT on the Tron network.

Maker holders debate on whether to raise the stability fee for the DAI stablecoin.

Bitcoin SV is struggling with its large block size after a series of block re-structuring. 

Research shows some America retirees hold some bitcoin while the majority haven’t heard of it before.

Potential benefits and drawback of central bank owned cryptocurrency outlined by The Bank of Russia.

Coinbase saw 60% less than the forecasted revenue for 2018.  

IOTA and Evrything are providing their solution to aid transparency in the supply chain consumer goods sector.

Enjoy this meme as I round up this digest. 

Sourced from a Reddit post.

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Cheers 🙂


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Daily Crypto Digest – 007

We often want it so badly that we ruin it before it begins – Random quote.

Yes! It another beautiful day in the fantasyland of cryptocurrency. As a common saying goes ‘a single day is like a month in the cryptoverse’. Personally, I strongly disagree with this during a bear market as the frequency of time you get to keep on checking your portfolio decrease significantly. Well, maybe day-traders won’t agree on this but this is the reality when it comes to investors and swing traders. 

With the recent positives about a bull run being around the corner base on past weeks price spike; I think this saying kind of tally when the bulls are in their full burst. Tempo is raised, a subconscious alarm is set to get up from the bed as earlier as possible, urgency and emotions overshadow the sense of rationality and calculated move/risk.

Cryptocurrencies price are very unpredictable to forecast and require some bit of luck or would it be appropriate if I say “patient”.
I think it more of the patient. Like many investment legends would say: most successful trades are executed after a long waiting period when an opportunity just turn up out of the blue. Don’t take my generalized text for it.

Jesse Livermore has something to say regarding this.

After spending many years in Wall Street and making and losing millions of dollars I want to tell you this: it was never my thinking that made the big money for me. It was always my sitting. Got that? My sitting right!


So what exactly am I trying to point out from this chunk of words? Note – I am no near the position of giving advice on this but if you would take from the word of experts. Then, I think “Patient” is what I could call the action word that sums up this opening context.

Patient; when those bulls are on a fast run so you could make calculated move to dodge their sharp horns.

Patient when the charge upward is so fast your two legs can hardly keep to the ground.

Patient to see the clear picture and determine if the trade is right for you.

Patient, Patient, and Patient!!!But that doesn’t mean the sense of urgency should be lost. Time is essential after all.


Let dive into today’s digest.

Discussions you should be part of


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The pressure to delist BCH SV got more intense as more influencers are bashing on Craig Wright Satoshi claims.

Some of the exchanges research show to be involved with fake volume.

This project claims to enable the use of Lightning Network by the masses in the foreseeable future.


Jamie Dimon testifies about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and consumer security.


A very positive tweet about the unrestricted fund transfer using cryptocurrency.

CZ annoyance about Craig Wright claims got really severe.

Some Report and Updates in the News

There is no doubt Ethereum up the game to another level entirely. As much as the introduction of its smart contract brought about many use cases never thought before. Ethereum suffers from huge scalability problem that befalls its predecessor “Bitcoin”.The limitation to scaling according to the fair demand puts the system in a very tight spot of being continually widely used. It would have been the perfect option to tackle this problem right from the core system design, but what is done is done.
In other to remedy this challenges Ethereum is now considering several smaller hard forks.Read the in-depth news on Cointelegraph.

Now, even cryptocurrency wealth can be passed on to offspring.

Only goodness can imagine how much crypto wealth has been lost into oblivion, somewhere on the block(s) of a blockchain but which can never be moved or spent again because of the death of the owner whose private key was buried on the surface of the earth along with him/her.

Cryptocurrency is gaining more and more popularity as a financial tool with different purpose of acquisition, which may be as a payment means, a store of value or long time investment.

People are starting to realize how difficult it is to be pass on without the access to the private key(s) which is generally advised to be kept secret and at different locations making it even more difficult to be discovered by a kin.

One of the fascinating characters of humans is the ability to always making efforts to remedy a problem. Now, many projects are coming to the surface to tackle this issue.

In the news – this project allows crypto inheritance in particular BCH to be passed on to kins. Read about the exciting project now on

Other reports and updates in the news.

Formal engineering executive of PayPal and Google to join the team of the more-awaited Bakkt platform.

Impact of Telegram and Facebook cryptocurrency coins on mass adoption and finance.

Blockstack – a decentralized computing network applied to the U.S securities and exchanges commission to launch a $50 million token sale.

China share plans to curb the mining industry within her region, how will this affect the industry?

Coinbase senior executive is quitting his job after being with the company since 2015.

This digest concludes at this point. Endeavor to always surf around media and discussion rooms to keep up to date.

Thanks for your time reading the digest. Remember to visit my blog tomorrow for another interesting digest.

Cheers 🙂


The contents of this post are intended for information purpose only and should never be taken as an investment or trading advice. All information contained herein is linked to their respective sources without being taking word for word except in quotes and references.

Daily Crypto Digest – 006

Image Source

According to Luke Nosek (Co-founder of Pay Pal) – PayPal mission was to create a form of digital money that would live on the internet and move across borders, independent from banks and government.
This mission failed to materialized after oppressions and regulations forced the company to restructure its plan and operations, exposing the side-effect of a decentralized move with a body of pioneers who could be identified or held responsible.

In today’s digest, I will write a short briefing about why it is disastrous to have a central point of governance in a mission-focused decentralized establishment before we look into some recent updates.

One of the mysteries surrounding the creation of Bitcoin is why the pseudonymous creator under the name “Satoshi Nakamoto” never revealed himself and later disappeared into thin air after few years of nurturing his juvenile creation poised for something great.
Looking at the whole picture more logically, one would realize Satoshi decision to maintain this status is a very smart move. 

Hardly, there is no establishment that could never to subjected to government rules. As mentioned above with PayPal. Identified individual leader of an autonomous organization is a weak spot that could easily be attacked by the sovereign power if such establishment begins to pose any threat to their authority.

Now, the question is; should blockchain projects with a decentralized mission have a central governing body?

Asking this question, what quickly comes to mind is; how could there ever be a system or product without its designer(s)?.
Well, it quite impossible. As far as the human understanding can comprehend “there is no creation without its creator”.
So, how could a true decentralized move be established?

In my own view, a blockchain project with a focus on building a decentralized ecosystem hosting of dapps and fundraisings like Ethereum, EOS, and co may maintain a structure of a central governance in the core product development, but should try as much as possible to maintain a distributed network of nodes(actual system hosting database) with no central control or access.

On the other hand, any blockchain project whose mission establishment is to provide an alternative means of money in payments and settlements would have a hard time surviving under the nose of the government and so should try as much as possible to remain in the background.

The ability to print and control money supply is a precious mantle of power wielded by the governments, in that knowledge; Satoshi disappearance gave a good chance to the survival of Bitcoin to potentially “change the world”.

Some discussion you should be part of.

Pixabay Image


Eric calls for basic Ethereum Foundation transparency.

This is Exquisite! Do you know you will be able to buy a domain with your EOS name in the future?See what people are saying about this.

A good reason why people need to drop their Ether coins for EOS.


Do you agree with this tweet by CZ on blockchain and AI being the tools to fight crimes?

How Traditional Stock Market can accelerate cryptocurrency adoption.

High school students being inspired and exposed to blockchain tech. Cool stuff.

Reports and Updates in the News

Pixabay Image

The notion of a cashless policy was actualized by the introduction of credit and debit cards. The ease of having your entire savings no matter how big or small directly linked to an 8.5cm plastic flat card is so admirable. It has revolutionized how we handle money. Bringing about new niches in existing businesses. Online businesses were benefited the most. Providing a win-win situation for customers and businesses.

As a process which relies on the use of software and protocols including the internet, it would make a perfect fit to establish additional territory by propagating the use of digital currency or cryptocurrency in payments.

We have seen different kind of project propose or implement this solution, but only a few get fairly adopted.

Busting over the net in recent reports is the Coinbase introduction of a Visa debit card which is able to allow a user with an account on Coinbase spend his cryptocurrency holdings with the exchange in different shops. Read the bullish news now on Coindesk.

EOS to the gig hustlers’ rescue.

If there is any industry that urgently needs the application of blockchain in its operation then, it is the freelance industry. Service providers are been cheated in a lot of artistic ways. 

  • There is a deduction fee of up to 25%.
  • Payments of work done take some while to be received.
  • There is an absence of a fair level of exposure.

Blockchain through proper implementation can address the above-mentioned challenges.

By its funding capabilities and development of a scalable efficient system, EOS took part in a recent funding round conducted by Moonlighting to continue aggressive development of its freelance platform. This move prompted Moonlight to strike another big deal by moving its 700,000 freelancer profiles to the EOS network with individual profile getting linked from the EOS system to the Main database through hashes. Read the in-depth report now on Coindesk.

Other updates in the news

Mozilla beta version of Firefox now blocks web-based cryptojacking.

Augur launch support for DAI stablecoin as part of the major upgrade to its platform.

PewDiePie to begin streaming on the blockchain-based video hosting provider Dlive from April 14.

Telegram launched the private beta of its open blockchain network.

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The Band Continues to Stretch $6300 magnet. $BTC $ETH

The crypto band continues to stretch and many other crypto’s are striking first. Bitcoin is currently trading around $4200, however as the band stretches one can see the gravitation towards the massive breakdown area at $6300. This is pivotal because I can see the market forces taking prices there before analyzing the overall fundamentals and market conditions again deciding where to go forward. The breakdown area is a pivotal point where buyers threw in the towel and sellers pressed. This works in reverse as well. Now the sellers are on the run and the bulls need to show up.


Daily Crypto Digest – 005

Hi, beloved reader! Welcome to today’s digest.

It’s another day in the wonderland of cryptocurrency. Unless you are not an active follower, you should be able to observe the newfound market positivity that gives a feel reminiscent of the early days of the previous market cycle.

The optimism in the air is so genuine, ordinary cartel’s manipulation would have a hard time staging it. If this has one message to whisper to you, then “it is to be ready and be vigilant“.

You wouldn’t want to miss the upcoming market uprun especially if you are a type that witnessed the last market boom like me but have little or nothing to show of it.
I am not trying to chill anything to you or persuade you into purchasing anything, and of course it not advisable to give-in to another person’s opinion in the cryptoverse particularly if you don’t know their level of expertise.

I consider myself a very raw amateur who has a lot to learn in many aspects, but if there is only one message to direct at your face, I will scream “be ready“.
Why would I? Because I can resonate with this same feeling. Not taking my emotions and judgment into consideration, the optimism is kind of real, made even more obvious by many indicators, some typical examples are the volume of trades, news of serious accumulation, and RSI signal of an overbought market.

Again! Be ready and be careful.

Enough of the rant!

Let dive into today’s digest about recent activities and report you should know about.

The Digest

As promised in yesterday’s digest, I mentioned introducing another promising EOS dApp I found interesting today. As an individual who tries to keep to his promise. I bring to you a social network dApp called KARMA.


Image Source

You must have heard about the law of Karma which states; the good or evil you do will one day come back to you.

This exactly is the mission set out to accomplish by KARMA.

In our world full of inequalities of all kinds. Much of the world are less privileged to have what the top people possess, in terms of food, shelter, finance, and a good standard of living.

Many from parts of the third world countries are in extreme poverty others from well-developed countries can hardly imagine. You would hear of a complete family of four members feeding under $5 for a week, some hardly have anything to eat at all. Approximately 3.1 million children die of starvation each year.

This is an astronomical figure if you imagine counting per head basis, for crying out loud Iceland in an independent country with just over 330,000 people.

There is no swift aid that could quickly eradicate this, except if all countries converge to direct extensive spending to remedy this cause. But, since such a move would have a hard chance of being propagated.

Then, it is at the hand of every able person to do his bit and assist the less privilege found around us.

KARMA EOS dapp is established to encourage people to show some affectionate towards the less privileged around them by rewarding their act of goodness through token incentives through the implemented functional reward mechanism in the form of community votes, donations, and sponsorships.
Everyone has some good to show.

Visit today, download the Andriod or iOS app and start participating in this good cause.

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Do you agree with this tweet opinion that the market bottom had been passed?

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Again! China renewed stiff stance on crypto mining, said: ” it is energy wasting”.

News in the Media

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Towards the later period of the ICO bust, exchange listing was a popular announcement that could make an investor or trader skip a complete day meal out of FOMO. It was a strategy many found attractive to multiply coins by scalp or swing trading and then jumping onto the next promising coin.

Those who were lucky enough made riches with this method but the majority who were not were burnt badly (I fall in the later category).

Exchange listing apart from its speculative effect is a good way to give a project more exposure or provide better liquidity.
Recently, one of the largest exchange “Coinbase” announced the listing of three coins namely: Augur, Maker, and EOS, on its open trading service Coinbase Pro.
As a very reputable exchange, this listing is having a somewhat significant impact on the price of these coins over the past 24hrs.
Read the reason for this move now on Cointelegraph.

Entry opportunity for the average Joe.

Decentralization by its core definition has no barrier to entry, no censorship, no single point control. These are the attributes many expected any entity entering the sphere should keep to mind, but that is not the case with leading exchanges. Their operating servers are built with centralized design, customers are kept under some restriction, freezing of account without notification and so on.
This was the case of Bitfinex – a top cryptocurrency exchange with a huge barrier to entry which minimum requirement to start trading was set to $10,000. 

After many persuasion by many traders from different regions, it was reported that the exchange has dissolved the wall to entry and cancel such pre-requisite, paving the way for fleets of traders to join the platform with no minimum required entry fund. Read the in-depth updates on Coindesk.

Other reports in the news

Facebook seeking up to $1 billion in venture capital fund to develop its reported “Facebook Coin”.

Popular Bitcoin wallet Electrum faced an ongoing DoS attack on its servers that reportedly stole millions to date.

Justin Sun donates $1.5 million to Jack Ma Hupan University.

Opera announced the release of a built-in crypto wallet and web3 explorer.

Founder of the now-defunct Mt.Gox exchange reportedly quit his position and sold his claim.

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