For those thinking of contributing to the Steem Monsters TRON crowdfund//


The STEEM monsters crowdfund on the TRON blockchain (SEED Germinator) will commence tomorrow April 15. The tiers have been shared on this post.


You can read the basic setup there, but this is the important bit here:

Increased Contribution Bonuses (any fractional amounts will be rounded up):
Addresses contributing 2,500 SEED or more will receive a bonus 10% additional SEED promo cards
Addresses contributing 5,000 SEED or more will receive a bonus 25% additional SEED promo cards
Addresses contributing 10,000 SEED or more will receive a bonus 50% additional SEED promo cards

Not to go into detail and complicate things further, the 10 000 SEED (Around 2000 STEEM) contribution is obviously the best choice which is why a few folks have been smart enough to make a POOL for everyone interested in contributing to the crowdfund. I put in 2500 SEED myself (around 550 STEEM).

Im going to leave the spreadsheet link here that explains what you need to do to join in. There is also the possibility of the pool being one of the bigger donors which could lead to getting a number of max cards.

Pool discord invite with more info.

Ill see you around. Keep on Steeming!

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Im a Steem and Whaleshares blogger that writes about crypto and everyday stuff.

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