Is ready for the next Alt season?


Its really a simple question tied into an inevitable event. If you havent washed out already and you stuck with alt coins during these lows it will probably pay off for you eventually. It wont pay off for you as much as if you followed Bitcoin to 12k and then sold into Steem again but those of you that were unapologetic hodlers will get their time.

Now there is something to remember… Not all alts are going up and with Steem dropping slowly but surely towards the 100 rank in MC it is a question as if we will ride the wave as well. But lets be positive for a moment.

There needs to be a plan once the sentiment shifts. Maybe the EIP is one of the things that will help. Who can say? But what i think Steem needs is a solid project to drop at the right time.

SMTs. Yep.. The illusive SMTs.

People like to talk about them as the second coming but during a bear market, had they launched SMTs i highly doubt anyone would have noticed.
But maybe when the research into what token is undervalued, what great things are created whereever, that just might be the moment for SMTs to shine.

Look, the expected players will have great gains. ETH, LTC, EOS, TRX. It doesnt matter what they offer or what future they have. It really doesnt. It might be the lowest of quality spam transactions and illegal activity. It just doenst matter.

Hell, even today Justin Sun tweeted how they have 500 active dapps and i went and did a count.. I didnt go all the way but 70 of the top 100 dapps on TRON is illegal gambling dapps.

I mean its all a cheap facade what the industry leaders put up but moonboys dont care… So what needs to do is throw some moonboy bait.

Time it well and hook us some trading volume. Hopefully have a marketing budget ready. 😉

Ill see you soon.

About the author: lordbutterfly
Im a Steem and Whaleshares blogger that writes about crypto and everyday stuff.

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