Might as well power up // Just another Steem Dolphin post

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Steem price action is horrendous to look at. Alts go up, Steem stays in place. Alts go down, Steem goes down like the worst of them.

So i thought… Whats really the point of moving my STEEM and trading it for something else when its not really worth it. Its completely and utterly undervalued and i have no idea what token out there comes close to how undervalued STEEM is. What am i going to trade it for?

Bitcoin? Ethereum? EOS? ETC, LISK or VERGE (haha i just peed a little)

Hell no! I might as well send it to @null. Buying anything else with Steem right now feels like a complete waste…

When i powered down a few k Steem weeks ago it was due to the hardfork which i disagree with but the more that i look at the situation right now it seems that it doesnt matter if its a hardfork, softfork, spoon or a spork.

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So ill just press the button.

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What was that one song…. I got it……Celebrate good times, come on!!!!

Its a dolphin party up in here! Everyones invited.

PS: There will be a separate area for bot owners behind the outhouse.

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