Tron in trouble. // Call the liquidators!

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Ill be honest, when i see TRX suffer, that puts a smile on my face. Im not one of those guys that loves all crypto or thinks that every project can succeed and that we should all hold hands.
I think thats a foolish thought thats shown to be wrong many times. Even now youre seeing it with Steem slipping towards no.100 in MC.

Why should i hold this token instead of that other one?

Its a simple question that clearly shows that holding hands aint possible. You can collab between chains, but those alliances are short lived and on wobbly legs.
Its a doggy dog world and when i see and overvalued, overhyped token suffer, im happy, what can i say.


So what happened the other day is that some disgruntled protesters showed up at the offices of a partner of the Tron Foundation mad, yelling that Tron is a scam.
Apparently some group defrauded some folks using Tron name and the video of the protest went online where it appears the offices were raided by police.

Now, that probably isnt true, it just seems that they have been watching the protest. Take a look for yourself.

It seems that this wasnt really anything of note that will bring the behemoth built on cheap hype down. I wanted to share this because its just fun for me seeing Tron in trouble. When Steemit inc layed off folks, that was probably the trigger for Steem to drop out of the top100 tokens.
Dan Larimer gloated, EOS cockroaches crawled out to gloat, crypto influencers that tried and failed on Steemit hit Steem when it was down….

So what do i say when Justin has to do damage control and his shitty antics arent fooling anyone??

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