The Use of Mobile Phones in the Business Industry

It is very right saying illiteracy is one of the major problems why the adoption and use of mobile phones technology for the business world mainly in Africa has been suffering a great setback compared to other developed countries. Come to think of it, Don’t it seem like the use of mobile phones technology in the business world in Africa will be a formidable force to reckon with in Africa in the nearest future?

Ask me why! The reason being that you would notice these new generation of African youths are already making use of mobile phones technology to build businesses. They use it for advertisement purposes mainly. Quite a lot of them act as influencers who influences customers to patronize a business. Left to me, I think I see a bright future here. In conclusion, our governments can also be of help by making the price of phone cheaper. Thanks for sharing.

About the author: Daniel Quaresma
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