Steem Monsters starting to show balancing faults

Almost every day now ive been completing my daily quests. Currently im sitting in gold league. Im basically stuck there and there is no way for me to push forward with the cards i have.
When picking my main deck i went with fire and it seems i made a mistake. Ive talked about this before but ill repeat it again, the fire splinter (at least at my levels) is underpowered and thus underutilized. If you check the TOP BATTLES tab there is almost no one using the fire splinter.

Out of the basic summoners the most used one seems to be the life splinter.
What ive noticed getting paired up with other decks my level is that i get swept.

Absolutely no chance of making a dent. If you run into life you cant get through the shields, water has shields at that level as well as massive damage output, death splinter 1 shoots your debuffer on round 1 and counters your summoner power, etc.
Even getting some rules like “monsters lose powers” means you can lose easily to life and water decks 2 levels below you.

This wasnt the case a month or two ago when the fire splinter was much stronger. The reward cards really messed up the balance since some splinters got some amazingly strong cards while the fire splinter mostly got trash cards in comparison.
Im usually not someone to complain about stuff like this but its getting super annoying doing dailys. I have another account with the main water splinter deck with cards that are 1 level lower then my fire deck and that deck does so much better.

Im just venting a bit but i still hope someone changes something. Problem is that when i bought those cards they were much stronger in-game then they are now.

Ill see you guys later. 😉