Steem Monsters just got a bit better.

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Every now and then i like to write a few words about Steem Monsters. I might be the biased since i did invest quite a bit (for my standards) into the game but i still will say in a honest tone that the game outperformed my expectations.

Smart addition, one after another and at the proper pace and moment.

If i were to sum up this latest update into a sentence id say that they just added a whole new reason to stay logged in and play the game. Before all i did was the daily (maybe a tournament or two) and now i find myself doubling the time i spend ingame..

Its very different from the experience ive had on Next Colony or Drug Wars. A chore i dont enjoy doing everyday but i still do it because i fear missing out on something down the line.
The first i still grind through a bit every day when i see my resources fill up and Drug Wars i completely gave up on. (Still hoping my 20k Future tokens will sell some day on obyte)

SM is starting to get a significant amount of polish as well. You can clearly see a new aesthetic take shape. Tie that in with the depth the game is starting to show and you end up with a enjoyable time for the player.

Just a few thoughts while i wait for my promo cards. πŸ™‚

Keep on!.

Best draw in a while… Not amazing but worth sharing. :)

A few dollars worth. πŸ™‚

Ill probably keep most of the cards. Maybe sell the Javelin girl. I think shes around 1$.

Cant wait till the new cards come in. I spent around 550 STEEM on the Steem Monsters TRON crowdfund so im hoping to at least break even with my investment and what ever is left over will be upgrading my decks.

Ill see you guys around. Keep on Steeming!

Chinese regulator approves first foreign titles in more than a year

Chinese regulator approves first foreign titles in more than a year (SCMP)

  • More than a year after the nine-month freeze has ended, the State Administration of Press and Publications (SAPP) published a list of 30 newly licensed foreign online games, including titles submitted by Tencent, NetEase and Perfect World.
  • While China has been approving games on a fairly regular basis, there were some concerns that licenses were only being granted to certain genres of games, or based solely on domestic IP. This new release clearly dispels that risk.
  • The SAPP is currently faced with a backlog of multiple thousand games waiting for approval, and two of the world’s most popular Battle Royale titles (Fortnite and PUBG) are still waiting to be cleared for in-game purchases.

Analysis & Comments

  • As a reminder, I see considerable upside for the Western developers from releasing their IP in China via Tencent and/or NetEase. At the moment I treat this as a free option.
  • Note that Ubisoft is waiting for approval for Rainbow Six Siege in China. The game is already a hit amongst Chinese gamers playing via Steam, but it is only possible to see considerable monetisation when publishing and marketing with a domestic player (Tencent).
  • Previous analysis suggests hat if Ubisoft can sell just 1.5-2m units in China for each of its 3-4 games released each year, and Tencent takes a 50% revenue share, I estimate this could add €9 (over 10% of current value) to the base-case valuation.
  • Activision Blizzard is also hoping to release a Call of Duty mobile game in partnership with Tencent.

Ubisoft Stock Price

Everything into Heist! // Drug Wars

Just wanted to point out a few things about the downward spiral Drug Wars is in.
We all know by now that the game will die completely if there arent drastic changes to its economy.
Finally that realization has hit many people. At this rate, it seems that aprox. every 2 days the reward pool reduces by $100. This will slow a bit but at this rate i give the game 3-4 weeks of life left in it..

That is due to the simple fact that in order for the reward pool to get filled up, you need players to spend STEEM, which is not happening due to the exponentially increasing upgrade price and the limited STEEM user base.

At one point it becomes a much better choice to roll another account then to spend on upgrades. Which most folks wont do since the reward pool is already drained..
The reward pool getting emptied could be slowed down if STEEM had a increasing number of users coming in to spend, which is not the case, not only with STEEM, but everywhere else as well.

If i were to simplify it even more: The guy that set up the economy on Drug Wars was an idiot.
He is not an idiot for making a mistake, anyone can do that. He/she is an idiot for not doing anything about it weeks ago when the problem was pointed out.
Making a mistake doesnt makes you an idiot. Being stubborn, rejecting advice, not doing anything about the problem when its pointed out to you does make you an idiot.

With this emptying of the reward pool happening, eventually Drug Wars reward pool will reach sub $50 daily reward pool and stabilize somewhere around there for some time.
But it will inevitably hit $0 or be shut down by the devs.
If they figure out the economy, and change absolutely everything, that ofc wont happen.

But still, changing everything would require them to let the reward pool drain by itself so the community wouldnt be mad about their STEEM being stolen. When the reward pool is empty, only then can they revamp everything.

Do i have big hopes that the game will survive after that time? No. Do i think the game will ever be as big as it was? No. Do i think theres a chance for them to fix this? Yes.
But then again, theres a chance ill win the lottery on Wednesday. hehe.

Still, Im one of those guys that like to give folks a benefit of the doubt. From what ive seen of the Drug Wars team they really seem to be trying lately.
Dont get me wrong, i think they are dumb as a bag of rocks and completely incompetent but i still believe they are trying and if given enough time they might be able to come up with something.

Some would say Ned and the team are incompetent as well. But youre getting MIRA, arent you. πŸ˜‰

Anyways… What i wanted to say is:

If everything remains exactly the same, and you want to get back as much money as you can, PUT IT ALL IN HEIST. The upgrades are exponentially more expensive and players just wont be buying them, which means you shouldnt either.

Or, you can trust Drug Wars team to come up with something that will stop the reward pool from draining, and will make your investment in upgrades more beneficial. Its up to you.

Ill see you around and keep smart… when youre Steeming. πŸ˜‰

Google Stadia // Changing the face of gaming?

As someone that used to follow the gaming scene i found the news on Google entering the “gaming platform” industry very interesting. When i say its entering the gaming console industry i dont mean that they are creating their own console, but rather disrupting the current state of things.

So what is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is a cloud based gaming platform that eliminates the need for expensive hardware and will allow anyone to play any game in 4k, at 60 FPS.

Simply put, all you will need to have to play any game of your choice is a controller or a mouse and a screen.

The way it works is through the power of the internet and Google unlimited resources. The games arent played locally but are rather streamed to your screen of choice.
The only thing you need is a strong internet connection which could be a problem for some. There is no pricing set at this time but i could see GOOGLE Stadia turning into a NETFLIX of games.

Sure, Google Stadia does sound corporate but the value it would bring to the consumer is immense. I have no doubt that Google can pull this off, the only question that remains is how they will do things from the profit sharing side.
There is a difference between movies and games in how they are consumed by end users. There is also a price difference, that is a significant one, between a movie ticket and a AAA game.

I dont know what will happen in the future, but if Google Stadia manages to get enough games on their platform and they manage to work out the profit distribution, we might be seeing Playstation, Xbox, High end gaming PCs going the way of the Dodo.

You dont need a 1000 USD graphics card when you can play AAA games on your microwave.

Let me know what you think..

And ill see you round. πŸ˜‰

Patience is Key! You have to be Patient! $ATVI $EA

You learn from experience and patience is something that I am continuously working on. The gaming arena is not leaving, instead it is continuously evolving now with the technology and the games in the industry. $ATVI was a perfect long in the $42 range it just wasn’t ready to go immediately. Check back 20 days (3 weeks) later and look at it now. Ripping up positive.

The gaming industry is not slowing down and is evolving. These companies are not going away and will either be bought by bigger companies like MSFT os will prosper in the long run.

Sometimes you

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Steem Monsters is broken // I did not get any goldfoil cards this season end.

I just wanted to complain a bit more how unlucky i am lately when playing Steem Monsters.
Seemed like the thing to do.
I opened 50 damn cards and got barely a couple dollars worth. Its a disgrace! My card clicking finger is getting chopped off.

Did I ask too much? More than a lot? You gave me nothing, now it’s all I got.

Yes. You gave me rusty androids and Highland archers when all i want is a gold foil Ruler of the Seas!
Damn this game!

Fine. FINE! I still have Drug Snores. Almost at 0.4 STEEM per day right now. It will literally only take me 3000 years to earn myself a Lambo from playing this game. Did the math.. Lowest price of a Lamborghini Huracan is 200 000 USD.
I havent intended on living past 2500 but now it seems ill have to. Thats why i got in this game. For the hoes and the Lamboes.
And i aint quiting till i get them.

LOL. I just had no idea what to write about today. haha. So you get this nonsense.

Ill see you around. Keep on … πŸ˜€

Steem Monsters starting to show balancing faults

Almost every day now ive been completing my daily quests. Currently im sitting in gold league. Im basically stuck there and there is no way for me to push forward with the cards i have.
When picking my main deck i went with fire and it seems i made a mistake. Ive talked about this before but ill repeat it again, the fire splinter (at least at my levels) is underpowered and thus underutilized. If you check the TOP BATTLES tab there is almost no one using the fire splinter.

Out of the basic summoners the most used one seems to be the life splinter.
What ive noticed getting paired up with other decks my level is that i get swept.

Absolutely no chance of making a dent. If you run into life you cant get through the shields, water has shields at that level as well as massive damage output, death splinter 1 shoots your debuffer on round 1 and counters your summoner power, etc.
Even getting some rules like “monsters lose powers” means you can lose easily to life and water decks 2 levels below you.

This wasnt the case a month or two ago when the fire splinter was much stronger. The reward cards really messed up the balance since some splinters got some amazingly strong cards while the fire splinter mostly got trash cards in comparison.
Im usually not someone to complain about stuff like this but its getting super annoying doing dailys. I have another account with the main water splinter deck with cards that are 1 level lower then my fire deck and that deck does so much better.

Im just venting a bit but i still hope someone changes something. Problem is that when i bought those cards they were much stronger in-game then they are now.

Ill see you guys later. πŸ˜‰

Steem Monsters season ending //

So another Steem monsters season is ending in approx. 8 hours. I think i can honestly say that im slowly starting to lag behind the other players, overall.

Ive probably mentioned it a million and one time already how i go about playing Steem monsters and what my “sale” tactics are.

Unfortunately i knew that i couldnt maintain my gains at the same levels indefinitely with minimal investment in my decks. Last few seasons i would regularly finish at Diamond 1, but i dont think i will manage to reach that rank this time around.

I would even do the dailies at higher ranks then this season which meant fewer cards every day. With all that i had a streak of bad luck this season so i barely managed to sell 10 STEEM worth of cards across both accounts. (Probably the worst ive done so far) And that includes rewards from the previous season end.

Ill try and push up a bit on the ladder to at least increase my rewards a bit for this season although i dont have high hopes pulling anything big. Been having diminishing luck ever since the legendary summoners drop that treated me very well, if i may say. πŸ˜› hehe

Oh and one more thing to add for SM players. If you do pull something tomorrow dont sell it right away. You never sell cards when a large number of them reach player collections. The price drops really low, really fast and bounces back after a day or so. If youre selling, its best to sell after the initial card dump. And yes this IS card advice. πŸ˜›

Ill see you folks around and good luck to everyone with the draw.

Steem Monsters// Tournaments update// Thoughts

Those who know me know my position on Steem Monsters. That game is making me rich AF so i love it to death. hehe.
Today/Yesterday Steem monsters came out with an update which i think is probably the most significant one since the battles were introduced.


Prior to the release of tournaments, Steem monsters did have tournaments that were organized for most part on off-chain sites (cant remember the name) and discord, but that made the whole experience tedious and annoying. You would have to shout out names in the discord chat, people wouldnt show up, then you would annoy @aggroed or @yabapmatt with questions and then theyd put timers on discord messages and then folks would mistakenly type in the wrong results, etc etc etc..

Can i please call this a win? Can i Aggroed, can i please? I waited for 20 mins already.

It was just supremely annoying and would take way too long. I played a couple tournaments but the waiting and not knowing when the next game will be was just boring and took away from the experience.
But now we have a pretty UI.

Screenshot (283).png

The look of the Tournaments tab i think is perfect.

  1. Shows all the necessary information.
  2. Looks slick.
  3. its extremely intuitive and you pick up how it works almost instantly.

The strongest part of this update is that you can simply jump in a tournament when ever you feel like when youre browsing your collection or doing your dailies. You just check the tournament list, see a tournament happening in 10-15 minutes, grab a glass of Whiskey (imperative) and just jump in.
I cant even describe how big of an improvement that is over having to jump between 10 screens, discord chat rooms, DMs, etc.

I was intending to try out a tournament today but i literally missed the check-in at 15:00 by less then 1 minute so all you get are a few screenshots this time.

Now that Steem Monsters has competition in the gaming department on the Steem blockchain i have a feeling that we will see a bit more innovation and quicker improvements which is always a good thing for the user base.

Side note: A birdie told me that some whales and investors arent really happy with some of the choices Aggroed and Matt made with Steem Monsters and a lot of them started looking towards DrugWars which could add some more urgency to the work Steem Monsters devs are doing.

Cant wait to see what happens next.

These last few days we are only getting good news. Hopefully Steem and BTS gain some more momentum in the market and my joy-meter will show FuLL. Then ill be able to treat myself with that bottle of Jack ive been eyeing on my neighborhood store shelf these last few days…

Ill see you around.

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