Can we please move the !bookkeeping spam offchain?

Look, i love the ability to see my Steem Monsters/Drug Wars ROI so easily. Imo, its a great tool. I used to keep my own record manually before “bookkeeping” came along but i was nowhere as precise so when this tool came along i was super happy with it.

And kudos to its creator @holger80.

But the tool has a problem. Because its so useful, folks keep on calling up the tool constantly and flooding up comment sections.

When i use the tool i try and call it up in one of my old payed out posts. Problem is that many people just dont care and spam any post related to the game they are pulling up the stats for.
I could use MUTE on “bookkeeping” but that would stop me from using it.
Theres another thing as well….

Do we really want to fill up the chain with information like this? Theres literally hundreds of calls per post. Take a look at the @drugwars posts and you will see that almost half the comments are from bookkeeping.

What i propose is that you move bookkeeping from STEEM offchain.

@holger80 ill ping you again. Could you go talk to guys like @steemchiller, @dragosroua, @penguinpablo and move the tool to “Steem World”,”Steem Supply” or “Steem Now”, if thats possible, and shut down the service onchain? Or maybe build a front end yourself.

I just think its a bad idea letting this go on.
Thats all…..