When reality outdoes fiction

Excellent ink painting of recent creation, recreating a typical scene of the events that happened and still happen in what some call “Civilized Democratic Society” …
The author wanted to reflect a peak moment in which Catalan protesters protect themselves from the rain of rubber balls thrown by the “security” forces of the Spanish state.

  • Creation date: Week from October 14 to 20
  • Place: Barcelona, Catalunya, Western Europe
  • Author: myself after “stealing” the following twitter photo:

Sometimes, the effect caused by a painted image, oil, ink or pencil, is greater … We tend to think that a painting is almost fiction so we tend to contemplate it more closely.

Undoubtedly, the photo is much better than my gross electronic modification using a simple image editor but I’m sure you’ve been attracted to the painting, haven’t you?

Now, I want you to think deeper on the Catalan conflict… What’s your opinion about?

would not we deserve to be listened? Not only by the Spanish Government but also by International Community…

Do you think is fine to maintain this situation getting worst day after day?