When reality outdoes fiction

Excellent ink painting of recent creation, recreating a typical scene of the events that happened and still happen in what some call “Civilized Democratic Society” …
The author wanted to reflect a peak moment in which Catalan protesters protect themselves from the rain of rubber balls thrown by the “security” forces of the Spanish state.

  • Creation date: Week from October 14 to 20
  • Place: Barcelona, Catalunya, Western Europe
  • Author: myself after “stealing” the following twitter photo:

Sometimes, the effect caused by a painted image, oil, ink or pencil, is greater … We tend to think that a painting is almost fiction so we tend to contemplate it more closely.

Undoubtedly, the photo is much better than my gross electronic modification using a simple image editor but I’m sure you’ve been attracted to the painting, haven’t you?

Now, I want you to think deeper on the Catalan conflict… What’s your opinion about?

would not we deserve to be listened? Not only by the Spanish Government but also by International Community…

Do you think is fine to maintain this situation getting worst day after day?


Meet my beautiful younger sister

I took this particular picture while in church yesterday. She wouldn’t allow me rest so I had to take a photograph of her despite my low battery. She is very cute and playful as well.

Yesterday was cool since it was Sunday. I always love Sundays because it reminds us of the Lord’s day. The day to give all the glory and adoration to our Lord.

I hope you guys like this lovely pictures. The picture was taken with my Android mobile phone with specifications as Techno Pouvoir 3. Till I come your way next time. Thanks for checking them out.

There is need for more awareness on the posting of CP contents on Uptrennd (My Suggestion)

For the sake of people who don’t know, CP means Copy-Pasted. I have seen a lot of people including myself post only links without including any description of what they are posting on this platform. I am also guilty of that but that was as a result of my ignorance not until I saw the post published by @Victoria and @Luke about how to post CP contents. 

I really love the idea and I think that will sure help bring in more quality to Uptrennd. We don’t want shit post here of course. I promise to take my time to put in some changes in the subsequent contents that I will be posting. 

My suggestion 

I would suggest that more awareness should be created by the Uptrennd team so as to get this things to more users. Many of us are only posting those things because we are ignorant. I would suggest there should be a guide on how to post CP contents pinned somewhere on the platform user interface where it can be easily accessed by any new users. 

The quality of contents on a social media platform really matters a lot and I think this should be treated with urgency. However, I will also try as much as possible to promote this to other people as much as I can. 

Maybe a hypertext like the one in the image shown above that read “For CP contents, write a minimum of 45 words to explain the link share” can be made included in the box like that. I think that will sure solve the issue ignorance concerning sharing CP contents. 

Here is a complete guide by @luke and @Victoria on how to post CP contents

Link 1​​​

Link 2

Earn upto $13 within a week or two on Uptrennd

If you still haven’t signed up on Uptrennd,sincerely your missing.

Uptrennd is a platform like Steem where you earn in various ways such as content creation.

I just withdrew 1170 1UP token worth $18, which you can actually earn within a week or two. Here is a proof to the transaction. 1UP token is listed on Coinmarketcap and can be traded on IDEX Exchange.



If interested, You can also earn some cash just by posting on the platform.

You should be able to make nothing less than $13+ within a week or two depending on how active you are there.

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Get paid for your engagement via pictures and videos on Tata

In these vast age of internet, we would notice the daily massive increase in the number of people that makes use of social media platforms such as Instagram. However, despite the time and money people spend to use platforms like Instagram, they hardly get any reward in turn despite the high income they generate for developers of these platforms.


You don’t have to worry anymore about these issues. This is because a better alternative where you get to earn for doing the same things you do for free on Instagram and other social media platforms. That better alternative is called “Tata”.

What is Tata?

Tata is a blockchain-based platform that works more like steem where users get paid for creating and posting quality contents on the Tata platform. The users of Tata get to earn ACN crypto token for using the Tata application.

There is also a chat feature where by users get to engage with each other on the Tata platform. There are already thousands of users using the Tata platform and as such, it has been a perfect place for people to make new friends and connect with others across the entire world.

For you to get started on Tata, you are required to install the Tata App from play store (for Android users) or App Store (for iPhone users). Then create an account and choose your area of interest.

Earning on Tata Platform

  • For you to earn on the Tata platform, you are required to download TTC connect from play store (for Android users) or App Store (for iPhone users).
  • Open the Tata App, click on the last tab at the bottom right and click on earn reward.
  • Fill your KYC details and upload necessary documents. Note that it takes up to 48hours for it to be approved.

Comparing Tata with Steem

Tata works more like Steem where you get paid for content creation. But in the case of Tata, picture and video contents are mainly the point of focus. The chat feature within Tata makes it a better social media platform compared to Steem. Tata is a great platform and I see a lot of potentials in it.

Reviewhunt: A Platform that provide a win-win situation for Bounty Hunters and Makers

New products and services keep unfolding day by day as they are brought into existence by various companies and developers. However, only a few of those products get the required hype to reach a wider audience and this may be due to poor digital marketing and so on. The entire team of Hunt Platform took note of this particular challenge and they decided to come up with Reviewhunt.


What is Reviewhunt

Reviewhunt is a platform powered by the steem blockchain that is built for both Makers and Hunters to provide solutions to the primary challenges they are currently on the blockchain. Reviewhunt create the avenue for Hunters to get rewarded for accomplishing some certain task listed by the makers on the reviewhunt platform, thereby creating the buzz and fostering the hype Makers (such as companies and developers) need for their products and services to get to a wider audience.

With Reviewhunt, it is a win-win situation for both the hunters and the makers. Another important you should note is that hunters get paid in form of the Hunt Platform native utility token known as HUNT token.

Hunt is a ERC-20 utility tokens which serves as a native currency of the SteemHunt and ReviewHunt platforms. Hunt token is currently listed on Daybit and Probit with more listing to come in the nearest future.

How to get started on Reviewhunt

Note that you will need to open a Steem account (if you don’t have one yet) for you to use Reviewhunt. For those who have before, you are goods to go like that.

  • Kindly Sign up using my referral link. You either sign up as hunter or a maker. Note that you constantly get 5% of all your referred friend earning on the platform as a hunter.
  • Then sign in and sync your reviewhunt account with your steem account via steemconnect by clicking on dashboard, and then logging into your profile to initialize this.
  • Makers do not have much to do on the platform yet since it is still in a closed beta launch for them. However, hunters will need to connect their social media account such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Steemit, Reddit, Medium and Twitch via the buzz channel section under dashboard.
  • After that, hunters are required to join a campaign of your choice where by you get to carryout certain optional tasks, and then you get paid in form of hunt token for task accomplished at the end of the campaign.

Final Thought

Reviewhunt is a platform that has come to offer a win-win situation for both the hunters and the makers. The hunters get rewarded for their actions while the makers get the hype they need for their products. Thereby, making it a profitable one for both sides.

Things need to get easier for me… Happiness (Poem)

It’s been a while that I have prepared a new writeup. The posts I upload most of this days are the ones I wrote a whole ago. I do come up with at least 3 articles per day normally but I haven’t been able to come up with any for the past few weeks now.

Things has not been too rosy for me lately. I really need things to get easier for me. I hate stress even though I know we can’t do without it. I need everything to fall in place real soon so that I can put all my concentration back into these online things.

God, please kindly intervene in my matter and help me out. Make everything fall in place for me and for other people that needs your help as well. Thanks to you for all you’ve done.

Happiness, the sole proprietor of good things
Happiness, the healer of a sad mind
Happiness, the true companion of an angry person
Happiness, may we all experience it in all of our endeavors

Check out Vite

What is Vite?

Vite is a generalised decentralized application platform that has the capacity to provide full support for a set of smart contracts, each of which is a state machine with independent state and different operational logic, which can communicate by message delivery. In general, the system is a transactional state machine.


Vite is a platform that possess the prerequisite or necessity highly required for industrial applications in relation to high transaction rate, scalability, optimum security and a period between the initiation of transaction and the occurence. The Vite platform has a built-in native token known as Vite Token, which can be used to make payment for asset exchange transaction. The Vite Coin is already listed on CoinMarketCap.

Mode of Operation
The structure of ledger used by Vite is DAG, and accounts are fully responsible for the grouping of transactions in that ledger. Which in turn helps to input the throughput of the system alongside other notable structures. The Vite team noticed that the DAG ledger doesn’t provide optimum security, and they make available the Snapshot Chain Structure which can help to make up for that deficiency.

The Vite platform is known for its great features of scalability and high performance which is provided by the HDPoS consensus algorithm, which is responsible for making the writing and confirmation of transactions to occur at a different time.

An improvement is brought upon the description through the compatibilty function of Vite VM with EVM, creating an extension of the smart contract language from solidity. An improvement in the rate of transaction and scalability in the system is implemented as a result of an improvement brought upon the Vite design and that notable improvement is the introduction and acceptance of a asynchronous Event Driven Artichecture, which communicates information through messages between smart contracts.

A complete value system is formed by Vite based on the Loopring protocol function, which trigger Vite to provide support for the issuance of digital assets by users with an inclusion of its own built-in native tokens, cross chain value transfer and exchange of tokens. Light users that do not trade frequently on Vite are spared from paying high transaction fees or gas charges due to the resource allocation that Vite acquire by quotas.

Summary features of Vite
High Throughput
Optimum Security
High Performance
Low Delay
Value Circulation
Contract Scheduling
Name Service
Contract Update
Block Pruning

Generally, Vite is tri-dimensional in nature because it has a high-performance decentralized platform, a multi-token wallet which is decentralized for the managament of your digital assets, and a decentralized exchange to carry out trading of digital assets.

Earn some Vite Coin through Airdrop
Vite is currently holding an airdrop where you can Claim free 10 Vite Coin on a daily basis. I am including this so that my fellow trybalist will earn some free Vite Coin which is worth $0.04 per Vite as at the time of writing this post.

  1. Download Vite wallet from here https://growth.vite.net/share?inviteCode=1heENDln&lang=en
  2. Create an Account
  3. Switch to a 12 or 24 keyword phrase and make sure you back it up by writing it down.
  4. Go to the last tab at the bottom and click “Invite friends and win Vite”
  5. Insert my invite code “1heENDln” and we will both get 10 vite each instantly.
  6. Immediately you are done with that, wait for about an hour. You can minimize or exit the Vite App.
  7. After the time is elapsed, move to the 2nd tab at the bottom and click on “pick up now” to claim ur free Vite.
  8. You can go back to claim free 10 Vites Coin after every 24 hours.

Final Thoughts
I see Vite as a very promising project that will help promote the blockchain and cryptocurrecy industry at large. Let’s watch out for them.