No idea what to write about // One of those posts

Do i post a meme, do i write how i love some song, do i gossip a bit? I dont know. I just know i dont feel productive today.

Its one of those days you just want to grab a cold beer and lay around but are too lazy to go to the supermarket and get one, or 5.
When you think about watching a show on Netflix but cant be bothered to scroll through the menus with your remote control.

I just might write this post in increments of 10 minutes…
Just watched the Joker trailer on youtube. It looks pretty damn awesome. Joaquin Phoenix looks amazing as the Joker. I hate when something is overhyped before it comes out (ADA @enforcer48 :P) but i have to say that he might be on par with Ledger. Yes, i said it!

Look at that psychotic face. Troubled childhood. Deranged behavior. Awkward demeanor. Beautiful! Give him half a million SP and he will be a twin. (Whoops) haha

What else. Watched a animated show on Netflix yesterday. Its called “Love, death + robots”.
The Netflix promo looked awesome, the aesthetics looked awesome. What i didnt know is that the show producers were screwed in the head. lol
To keep it short, the show feels like it was made by M. Night Shyamalan on steroids! First episode i watched i was amazed as to how bonkers it was.. The show is absolutely mental. A series of animated 15 minutes shorts with self contained storylines with each being memorable for a unique reason. Directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by David Fincher.

What else? Made some vegetable soup, tastes like you would imagine it would. Im really bad at cooking haha.… But at least i didnt add kale. Kale tastes awful, but i have to say something that is indeed a very strange statement to make: It can look awesome when you have a talent for photography. Huh? 😀

I have no idea why this photo attracted me so much, but ive been sneakpeeking it for the last couple days for some strange reason. Tell me this doesnt look gorgeous.

No idea what else to write about so Ill see you around.
Keep on! 😀