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? Steemit Statistics & Big Datas: ? End of July 2019 Update ?

We reached 12.2 mn visits in July 2019!

There is an important difference between total visitors to a site and unique ones. In this case the 12.2mn include the multiple times a person visited the website.

Therefore, as a good Steemian you probably connect everyday which will make you count for a total of 30 visits.

Therefore, how many “unique users” does Steemit has?

I] Traffic

Daily Steemit Traffic

You can find the full analysis here

? An Extortion Gone Bad: Inside Binance’s Negotiations With Its ‘KYC Hacker’

The Takeaway

Prior to publishing details about real Binance customers online Wednesday, a hacker operating under the pseudonym “Bnatov Platon” had a month-long conversation with CoinDesk reporters.

In the talks, Platon revealed how he allegedly hacked individuals behind an earlier hack in which 7,000 bitcoin was stolen from the world’s largest exchange.

Platon claimed his aims were altruistic, and that he simply wanted to bring the hackers’ identities to justice. However, it appears he also effectively asked for money in exchange for promises he would not release Binance’s customer data.

Platon and Binance would hold numerous talks, and reportedly struck a deal that was later aborted. CoinDesk has obtained full transcripts of these conversations.

? Ex-Coinbase CTO Is Behind Mysterious Nakamoto.com

Nakamoto.com is a website that’s more than twice as old as bitcoin, and for most of its life, it has just redirected to a San Francisco developer’s personal website.

Now, though, according to two industry sources, it’s under the ownership of one of the best-known investors in crypto: Balaji S. Srinivasan, former Andreessen Horowitz partner, founder of Earn.com and former chief technology officer of Coinbase.

The current site says, “Nakamoto is bitcoin country. HODL or GTFO.”

As of now, potential users can only enter their email address and await more information. Srinivasan never directly responded to multiple attempts to confirm he was running the site, but in a recent tweet he recommended a go-to-market strategy similar to the one the site appears to be using:

? Doubling up on STEEM! Reasons and Thoughts

Here is a quick post to tell you that I am doubling up on STEEM. One of the reasons is HF21 (find all the info from @steemitblog‘s post here) but this is neither the only one or the most important.

I think HF21 has its flows, yes it redistributes more to SP holder, but through this it will bring more investors, therefore more Buying pressure and a better STEEM Price I Believe.

More curation rewards also means more attention spent by SP Holder to curate content of quality. This would be beneficial to the entire STEEM Community.

In the end, what is the point to have 75% of your posts STEEM rewards / SBD if they are valued at a few cents, wouldn’t it be better to have 50% of a post valued a few $$$?

Full post Here

? Report: Around 300 Addresses Contain 80% of Tether Supply

The takeaway:

The Massachusetts-based crypto market research firm Coin Metrics says that 318 addresses hold at least $1 million worth of Tether (USDT), comprising 80% of the global Tether supply.

Bloomberg reported the company’s finding in a report on Aug. 7. Coin Metrics co-founder Nic Carter additionally mentioned that some of the USDT whales include major crypto exchanges, such as Binance and Bitfinex.

The report additionally notes that this is staggeringly different from the distribution of Bitcoin (BTC), for which whales apparently hold only around 20% of the total token supply. Moreover, over 20,000 BTC addresses reportedly hold at least $1 million in equivalent assets.

However, despite Bitcoin being more evenly distributed among its user base, the USDT whales may be able to swing the Bitcoin price on their own, as suggested by University of Texas at Austin finance professor John Griffin:

“The concentration of Tether suggests that control of Tether is in the hands of a few central players who can swing Bitcoin prices, and have a vested interest in doing so […] It also suggests that many exchange players have a vested interest in keeping the Tether game going.”


? Daily Crypto Calendar, August, 8th?

“Look forward to year in review and an important announcement to celebrate the $ARN date!”

BitMax Listing

AMA session with Fivebalance at 7:00 AM (UTC). 1,000,000 FBN to be airdropped.

“Every Thursday at 8PM (UTC+8), join us to learn all about your favorite projects and their exciting developments!”

“Live AMA with our CEO @Kris_HK on @cryptocom ‘s Twitter this Thursday, 8 August, 11AM HKT.”


STEEM Trading Update by my friend @cryptopassion

Here is the chart of yersterday :


Here is the current chart :


And the support line at 0.21$ is now broken… and the drop is continuing. I just have a little hope that it is a trap from the market and that we will be back upper than this line in the coming hours. If it is not the case, the drop should become more powerfull and show us where the market want to go…


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