Game of Thrones is over // Time for new things.

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I watched the show finale a few minutes ago and after all is said and done i feel that the last episode felt a bit empty.

8 seasons of buildup, all those things happening and in the end youre left with an empty feeling. You dont get to experience the satisfaction that the conflicts are finally done. The destination we arrive to, where we finally leave the characters we spent so much time with is sorely unfulfilling.

Take the scene where they say their goodbyes at the end, that is very similar to the end of “Return of the king”. The emotional impact of the scene in GOT is lacking in comparison.

There are so many moments that lack the punch. Danys death scene, the reaction of the Unsullied leader, the council itself. It all felt empty and without gravitas.
The arc resolutions also felt dissapointing. Jon leading the wildlings into the North felt like it was a poor payoff for what he went through. I think they wanted to make his end bitter sweet, but in the end it just felt bitter.

Tyrion became hand in the end which i hoped would have a greater impact on me as a viewer, but it just felt empty, as if everything was just wrapping up and we were being served resolutions:

Heres this, and this is done, this we wrapped up….

We never see the coronation. We never see them rebuilding Westeros. We never see a glimpse of a more hopeful future. I dont really think the show even has a message in the end. What would it be? Slavery is bad? The ends dont justify the means? I feel that there should be a more profound message for us, somewhere in there and not something so simple you can find it in a Saturday cartoon.

I really dont know what to say.

A show that has ruled Television for the last 8 years exits in silence.

Time to move on to newer things..

Ill see you guys around.