Magic-farts exit scam. :(

@themarkymark mentioned it in a post today that the dice scammers @magic-dice just bailed. Took the money and ran.

I could say it was expected, i could say i somehow anticipated it, but id be lying. Now looking in retrospect all i can say is for everyone to try and keep safe.. safer.

What ever people might think about it, im one of the proponents of KYC. I dont have anything to hide, im not afraid of the government “getting me”, i am vaccinated and i dont believe Trump is lizard people or that Obama was a radical muslim.

In a lot of minds Steem is still not seen as “money” so people make some very dubious choices. Even Marky, a guy that you would expect to know everything about this blockchain made the bad decision of pumping tens of thousands of Steem and SBD through Magic Dice.

There is only one conclusion you can draw from this. You cant trust anyone that you cant find from a simple google search.

I mean take Ned for example. He messed up a lot of things, but he cant “scam you” because you can find him however you want. Witnesses like Matt or Aggroed. Those are the folks you can “trust” because moving from USA to the jungles of the Amazon is a big downgrade. lol.
It all boils down to this for me:

I can either see your face, have some kind of identification i can check or you cant have my money.

Keep safe guys… Theres always someone lurking to hurt you and take your hard earned $$$.