Magic-farts exit scam. :(

@themarkymark mentioned it in a post today that the dice scammers @magic-dice just bailed. Took the money and ran.

I could say it was expected, i could say i somehow anticipated it, but id be lying. Now looking in retrospect all i can say is for everyone to try and keep safe.. safer.

What ever people might think about it, im one of the proponents of KYC. I dont have anything to hide, im not afraid of the government “getting me”, i am vaccinated and i dont believe Trump is lizard people or that Obama was a radical muslim.

In a lot of minds Steem is still not seen as “money” so people make some very dubious choices. Even Marky, a guy that you would expect to know everything about this blockchain made the bad decision of pumping tens of thousands of Steem and SBD through Magic Dice.

There is only one conclusion you can draw from this. You cant trust anyone that you cant find from a simple google search.

I mean take Ned for example. He messed up a lot of things, but he cant “scam you” because you can find him however you want. Witnesses like Matt or Aggroed. Those are the folks you can “trust” because moving from USA to the jungles of the Amazon is a big downgrade. lol.
It all boils down to this for me:

I can either see your face, have some kind of identification i can check or you cant have my money.

Keep safe guys… Theres always someone lurking to hurt you and take your hard earned $$$.

My experience with Bitfinex Telegram // In the wake of the Tether news.

The Greatest Bitcoin Memes of 2017

When i was on my crusade to get information as to why STEEM was an unknown token and had so few trading pairs, one of the exchanges i went to first is Bitfinex. First thing i did was pick up their Telegram account and asked a few question.
It was quite active and there were a number of official mods working there.

So i went on asking:

Why you no list STEEM?! Its a da best!

The response i got was the usual “We will consider all projects that benefit our community”. Or some other generic crap like that.

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My messages blow up. 5 DMs, all from Bitfinex “alleged moderators” asking me in broken english:

Hey friend, want to get your STEEM listed? I can do this for u.

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I was like: HELL, YEAH!!!! Im going to be a star on STEEMIT if i get STEEM listed on Bitfinex!

No, haha.

What actually was funny is that a few of the mods that contacted me were legit mods that were just trying to grab some cash fast so i decided to play with them a little. Told them to get a legit representative of the Bitfinex team to contact me on my email and i would consider paying. haha. This is an email of a legit moderator that i received.

I mean, who in their right mind would fall for this. haha. He still wrote an email though. He took the time.

Another Moderator wasnt as open about it since he was on of the main mods in charge. But he hinted at it:

You could pay me and ill make it happen or i can give you the contact of the person in the support team.


Out of the clear scammers there were a few funny ones. There was even one female avatar that was attempting to flirt with me in broken english.

You very handsome sir. Do you like my photos? I get you listing only for 5 Bitcoin.

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In the end i managed to get in contact with the customer support and the answer was basically the one you always get: “We will consider every token at an undisclosed time in the future.”
The take away being that even though they claim not to take payment for listings and there is some kind of system in place that somehow gets the community to vote on the tokens to list, it seems that you could very well pay for someone to push a token forward.

Just a short story to add to the Tether shadiness. 😀

Centralized exchanges are parasites and you really cant trust “Coinmarketcap” numbers.

Ill try and keep this short. As you folks already know there is this extremely developed dependence of Crypto on crypto exchanges. This dependence is so perverse that getting listed/unlisted can make or break a crypto project.

And of course, since crypto exchanges arent regulated they completely abuse that fact doing what is basically stealing. Falsely presenting financial information based on which they charge crypto projects disgustingly large fees.

Im not well versed in financial law, but even what they are doing isnt criminal activity, its fraudulent and unethical.

Very simply put:

Out of the top 25 BTC pairs on Coinmarketcap only 2 arent massively inflating volume according to

Apparently only Binance, Bitfinex and Liquid are legit. How does this fit in with market analysis when there are exchanges that have actual volume at only 1% of reported volume?


Bold italic with the biggest heading.

There is simply no denying that centralized exchanges are parasites that pray on new projects and take advantage of them.

Data suggests that an average project spent over $50,000 in listing fees to exchanges on the advisory list (of this year. This totals over $100 million stolen in 2018 via listing fees, with some exchanges making over $1 million from this alone.

If im honest i wouldnt even trust that Binance and Bitfinex arent doing shady things when you look at everyone else. Still, the list (if you decide to trust it. Cant trust nothing nowadays) absolves them.

It simply amazes me that after 10 years of bitcoin we are so dependent on centralized fraudulent institutions. And in crypto of all things. Isnt that something we wanted to escape? Something we are fed up with?

Anyways, as always, scammers can go to hell.

Ill see you around.