I had a dream!

I had a dream that STEEM went to the moon.

A dream that it went from 0.4$ to 44$ in 44 seconds!

That our pockets were so full that it rained on the poor.

That Ned could play all day and no one would mind it or care.

It was a beautiful dream, that was.

But it was only a dream and it only ever will be

….. unless the community comes together!

Hahaha. Im BSing you of course..
This is how you moon STEEM:

  1. You get someone that the community likes to create a sales pitch or at least spread it. You make the pitch easy to understand and easy to spread. (Something like the Steemit fact i shared yesterday)
  2. You sprinkle some drama on it (You point out how other blockchains dont compete and their hypemen are lying)
  3. You get a couple whales to do a call to action and vote those who provide proof of shill and spread those FACTS on twitter, reddit, whatever.
  4. You win…