I had a dream!

I had a dream that STEEM went to the moon.

A dream that it went from 0.4$ to 44$ in 44 seconds!

That our pockets were so full that it rained on the poor.

That Ned could play all day and no one would mind it or care.

It was a beautiful dream, that was.

But it was only a dream and it only ever will be

….. unless the community comes together!

Hahaha. Im BSing you of course..
This is how you moon STEEM:

  1. You get someone that the community likes to create a sales pitch or at least spread it. You make the pitch easy to understand and easy to spread. (Something like the Steemit fact i shared yesterday)
  2. You sprinkle some drama on it (You point out how other blockchains dont compete and their hypemen are lying)
  3. You get a couple whales to do a call to action and vote those who provide proof of shill and spread those FACTS on twitter, reddit, whatever.
  4. You win…

Are you viewing STEEMIT ads? // You should be

Ive seen some backlash from folks about STEEMIT.INC adding ads to their site. While i can understand that people might be pissed about it, i see this as a good thing. I usually have my adblock on (The Brave browser works slow for me) but in the case of Steemit i decided to turn it off.
Not only did i turn my ADBLOCK off, i also made a promise to myself to click at least 1 ad a day in case the advertiser opted for a CPC advertising model (Cost per click) instead of a CPM model (Cost per 1000 impressions).

Look, i know Steemit.inc messed up and that its their fault and their fault only that they are in a position they are now. But now is not the time to keep hammering on that point… Repeating the same thing over and over again. Whats the point of that?

Its time to help any way we can. I cant code nor am i one of the cool kids that can get their voice heard by Steemit.inc and affect change that way. I cant do any of that and neither can most of us here….

But dammit, i can click on a ad couple times a day and help out that way!

I know a lot of people are emotional right now and that Steemit.inc is an easy target. I also know everyone is waiting for some miracle community effort.

The community needs to come together!

(I cringe so hard when i hear this platitude repeated over and over again, haha)

How about we just click the damn ads few times a day for a start? How about that as an idea? Thats a concrete thing you can do for Steem and the best thing of all is that you can do it right now, by yourself… Go do it now!

By helping to keep Steemit.inc afloat youre (hopefully) affecting Steem development in a positive way.

Ill see you around and keep on!

Is it time yet to slap back?

Before i start this post i have to say that im fully aware that STEEM has its problems. Most of them stem from the fact that people are selfish, greedy and self-absorbed.
I for one do not subscribe to the vapid ramblings of people that say:

People are acting selfishly because the incentives are broken!

The incentives could indeed be broken, but the reason people are acting shitty is because they are shitty people. There is no capitalism god come from heaven that can justify selfish, vindictive, self-absorbed, greedy behavior.
And of course that kind of behavior hurts the distribution which leads to STEEM suffering, the community suffering and the price suffering.
That is all well and fine…..

But lets put that behind us for one second. Thats our crap to deal with. Our dirty laundry.

Just because STEEM isnt perfect doesnt mean that it isnt a great place to be. I know that, you know that, but people out there dont know any of it…
Because we focus our attention inwards. We focus on our own petty little shit. We dont reach out..
I mean sure.. We can have our fun. Laugh at the morons flagging and spamming each other, repeating the same discussions over and over again, we can share a drama token or two, talk about how we should all get along…
All of that is lovely and great…

But while that is happening Justin Sun is on Twitter talking trash about Vitalik, saying how he will build him a monument once TRON surpasses ETH and getting millions of followers doing so.
Spamming Twitter with bullshit stats containing TRON gambling game transaction spam and claiming “mass adoption”. You have privacy tokens at each others throats over which privacy token should be the next big thing (spoiler: none of them), You have BTC-BCH debates going on…. EOS hype plastered where ever you look….

And what are we doing? We are being mellow, shy, hugsy… We have been slapped around and disrespected so much that we forgot how to dish it out ourselves. When was the last time anyone wrote about STEEM in any publication?

Ill tell you… The time those hackers got banned from STEEMIT. Thats when you heard about this blockchain. When the opportunity came about to shit on STEEM. From the bastard Tone Vays to the spokeperson for Everpedia/EOS and crypto publications all shitting on STEEM, at this point im starting to feel like we are like the battered wife of blockchain that keeps quiet not to get hit again.

Nah, its time to nut the fuck up, or shut the fuck up.

Time to flip off the Dogecoin Darks, the Ethereum Classics, the Bitcoin Diamonds, the Lisks, the Bitcoin golds of the crypto sphere.

The only way to attract investors and users here during a bear market is by contrasting STEEM to what is out there!


By showing what we do better then all other projects..

Go flood Twitter FFS… Thats the least you can do. Reddit doesnt allow for that much of freedom.

Ill see you around..That was fun to write haha.

Vote on Twitter if you want a guy to get a Steem Monsters tattoo // Not kidding

Theres this guy that is, what you would call, a crypto fanatic from just looking at his twitter feed.

Anyways. Aggroed shared on his blog that theres a guy that will get a tattoo of something from a blockchain card game depending on which game gets the most votes.

If you vote for Steem Monsters and share your vote on @aggroed post


you could win a gold foil card. (Hope its not a gold foil rusty android. lol)

And here is the twitter post link.

So go vote! This is STEEM hype week on Twitter and everyone should participate!

My next (blockchain game) #CryptoTattoo should be…— Kenn ₿osak™? (@KennethBosak) February 27, 2019