Passed 10k stake on Whaleshares. // Might as well share. :)

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So yeah. Theres that…. Now you know, might as well end this post right now.

Nah.. Thatd be cheap.

I think i did the 5000 Whalestake post less then 2 months ago. Didnt really take that much to double my stake. I think i was pretty consistent getting 1300 Stake every 2 weeks.
Lately i started posting quite a bit less due to time constraints and im sad to say that as summer keeps closing in ill be posting less and less.
Summer is B to the W for me so im not sure how motivated i will be to post as often.

What i think i will do is maybe start making videos. Have some fun with it. Record myself on the open sea catching fish with dynamite, grab a pint and talk about some crap. Not the targeted STEEM based crypto nonsense… Just random crap. How Ronaldo gets pedicures and G.R.R Martin is a secret pothead.

Ugh. I wish i was remotely funny irl as i can be in text. Doesnt translate. <cry emoji>

So yeah, again….

Im above 10k on Whaleshares.
Whaleshares is great.
There are some great folks there.
I try and spread 100% votes to my whole feed as often as i can.
The devs there/here (where ever you read this post) seem great and hard working.
Im glad they are embracing other chains as well and im hopeful for the future.

The price right now isnt great but that is to be expected with such a small market meaning that anyone can basically manipulate the price which is the reason why the price is so low. But it can also work the other way. Someone with only a couple thousand USD could change it all up.
Hoping to see the big Whaleshares change soon and a listing on a few exchanges. 🙂

And there you have it folks.

The arbitrary milestone announcement. The arbitrary joke. The arbitrary platform praise. The arbitrary thoughts.

And here the arbitrary:

Keep on!

What will you do when you realize that your account is actually worth some money?

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Ive been browsing the interwebs these last few day on info about this supposed bull market we will be seeing this year and that made me start thinking about what happens if there actually is a bull run and crypto moons again.

What happens if BTC goes to 50k and STEEM goes to $10?

Im someone that considers himself a longterm investor in STEEM, meaning that i will never completely powerdown. 5-10 years from now ill still be rocking a few thousand STEEM no matter the price. (or so i believe right now)
When i started up on Steemit 1 year ago, that was my first contact with cryptocurrencies. I knew absolutely nothing.
All i knew was that i can earn some cryptocurrency on Steemit. Thats about it.

Fast forward 1 year and i accumulated quite a bit (by my standards) of STEEM, WLS and bought a few other assets as well. Crypto was never my main source of income. It actually never was a source of income for me. In 1 year of my time here i have never sold a single STEEM and withdrew it to my account to spend it.
The only time i took STEEM out is when i needed to give someone their share of a payout and they wanted it in cash. But i personally never spent a cent of it.
That is mostly because my account is pretty small and my crypto holdings all together arent more then a couple thousand dollars worth which doesnt even make it worthwhile taking out. Also im of a belief that we arent even at 1/100th of the price STEEM has the potential to reach.

But one day STEEM might reach a new ATH and when it does, i could find myself sitting on something like 100k USD.

What then?

Will i be as “long term” as i am now when by selling my STEEM i could build not 1, but 2 houses from the money i made sharing opinions on stuff, pretending to be a blogger.

Financially, im pretty well off, but 100k USD is still a lot of money. Nothing to scoff at.
At what price point is a belief in the tech, in the idea of crypto, its potential and future replaced with:

Time to get my Lambo!

Are you that certain of crypto taking over from fiat that you will refuse to sell, ever? Who is brave and certain enough in that outcome to take that risk?
Honestly…. Im curious to see if i am. lol

Just some thoughts as always..

Keep on! 😀