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Just today i picked up @whatsup post about an AI that writes a text based on a snippet or sentence you write. It has a few templates so i decided to give it a shot. Some of the texts i got arent that great but i picked out the best one i found. Being a big Lord of the rings fan i used that template. Let me know what you think haha.

You can check it out on this link:

The text i entered:

The Kiss-Ass legion was mighty, their numbers formidable but they did not know i held a secret weapon to match their back-patting ways. A weapon blessed with the tears of liberals, forged in the halls of Minas Trump.

What came out:

I had a lot to gain when I took on this cult, and was a fool to not have been as aggressive as I could have been on the streets before. Not only do I have the power to make them hate me, if we succeed we can take the kiss-ass bastards away from my friends and families forever.

For some of the more obvious enemies the Kiss-Ass legion has been at my side willing to fight to the last with every last bit of courage and valour I could muster. In exchange for what was gained they would leave a few things behind them that could still be used against my enemies. We were given the sword of my enemies, the sword I could not kill, and also the knowledge of their true nature.

There was nothing to be lost in going toe-to-toe, it was only a matter time.
Once I took out all the other bastards the Kiss-Ass Legion was no more.

Can you imagine the potential of this for shit posters!