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Just today i picked up @whatsup post about an AI that writes a text based on a snippet or sentence you write. It has a few templates so i decided to give it a shot. Some of the texts i got arent that great but i picked out the best one i found. Being a big Lord of the rings fan i used that template. Let me know what you think haha.

You can check it out on this link:

The text i entered:

The Kiss-Ass legion was mighty, their numbers formidable but they did not know i held a secret weapon to match their back-patting ways. A weapon blessed with the tears of liberals, forged in the halls of Minas Trump.

What came out:

I had a lot to gain when I took on this cult, and was a fool to not have been as aggressive as I could have been on the streets before. Not only do I have the power to make them hate me, if we succeed we can take the kiss-ass bastards away from my friends and families forever.

For some of the more obvious enemies the Kiss-Ass legion has been at my side willing to fight to the last with every last bit of courage and valour I could muster. In exchange for what was gained they would leave a few things behind them that could still be used against my enemies. We were given the sword of my enemies, the sword I could not kill, and also the knowledge of their true nature.

There was nothing to be lost in going toe-to-toe, it was only a matter time.
Once I took out all the other bastards the Kiss-Ass Legion was no more.

Can you imagine the potential of this for shit posters!


Bull market confirmed – From now on it is time to BTFD!

As one of the more pessimistic analysts out there, the recent rise in Bitcoin has finally convinced me that the bear market is over. If that’s not an indicator for you, I don’t know what is! With a change in the market, comes a change in strategy. From now on, it is time to Buy The Fucking Dip (BTFD)!

Crypto spring has begun

If you’ve following my blog then you know that I have been one of the more pessimistic commentators out there. Having suffered through a crypto-winter before I became very cautious in calling the end of the bear market this

Tether/Bitfinex linked to QuadrigaCX scandal in latest DOJ lawsuit – Tether may be fully backed

Today the New York DOJ indicted two people on suspicion of ‘shadowbanking’ for crypto companies – most notably Bitfinex/Tether. On investigation it turns out that one of the companies involved in shadowbanking, Crypto Capital, was also tied to QuadrigaCX. Though the Tether FUD is strong these days, for once I am not worried about it. Let me explain.


There’s two things we need to seperate here. First there are the allegations of involved parties doing illegal things, like illegally functioning as a money transmitter without a license. Secondly there is the issue and concern that Tether is unbacked 1-to-1

It sure feels like the Denial Rally but Tether/Bitfinex could be 2019’s Mt.Gox

Having suffered through a crypto-winter before this one, I feel it gives me some perspective. Technical analysis will get you so far, but I’ve learned that the market sentiment is a great indicator as well. From what I can tell the current market sentiment is very much along the lines of the ‘Denial stage’ of the market cycle. Still, with a Tether implosion looming on the horizon it makes one wonder if history really does rhyme..

Market sentiment

Judging when capitulation is over and the Denial/Hope rally starts is one of the hardest things when it comes to investing. By definition the

French government FOMO’s into crypto!! Biggest news all year

French Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire is going all-in into blockchain. At the opening of the Paris Blockchain Week he disclosed that he is a great believer in the technology and wants to make France a global leader in it. The French government wants to create a blockchain-friendly ecosystem and is going to actively work on stimulating the sector domestically. Le Maire also called on other international leaders to follow in France’s suit.

France is the first big nation to FOMO in!

His speech today was covered by some media, but nobody seems to have taken the time

Bitcoin: Is this a Sucker’s Rally or Denial? 🤔 Yes, I’m still here! Read all about where I went and why I’m back 🙋‍♀️

It has been four months since my last post but don’t worry, I’m still here and I never left. I never stopped writing, I was just (professionally) writing elsewhere. And, of course, the last few months have been a drain on all of us, myself included. Still, we continue on a positive path with Bitcoin and crypto. These past few months have been accummulation for many people, including myself, and the question is now where to go from here. Did we enter the new Bull Market, or is this the Sucker’s Rally that I have been expecting for months now?

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