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Just today i picked up @whatsup post about an AI that writes a text based on a snippet or sentence you write. It has a few templates so i decided to give it a shot. Some of the texts i got arent that great but i picked out the best one i found. Being a big Lord of the rings fan i used that template. Let me know what you think haha.

You can check it out on this link:

The text i entered:

The Kiss-Ass legion was mighty, their numbers formidable but they did not know i held a secret weapon to match their back-patting ways. A weapon blessed with the tears of liberals, forged in the halls of Minas Trump.

What came out:

I had a lot to gain when I took on this cult, and was a fool to not have been as aggressive as I could have been on the streets before. Not only do I have the power to make them hate me, if we succeed we can take the kiss-ass bastards away from my friends and families forever.

For some of the more obvious enemies the Kiss-Ass legion has been at my side willing to fight to the last with every last bit of courage and valour I could muster. In exchange for what was gained they would leave a few things behind them that could still be used against my enemies. We were given the sword of my enemies, the sword I could not kill, and also the knowledge of their true nature.

There was nothing to be lost in going toe-to-toe, it was only a matter time.
Once I took out all the other bastards the Kiss-Ass Legion was no more.

Can you imagine the potential of this for shit posters!


Help me, i suck at curation.

A few days ago i ran into a post by @shepz1 where he looks at the payouts he received from delegating to the SmartSteem bot.

In under 1 month, the returns have been to date 34.579 steem & 2.847 SBD.

On 4000 SP delegation.

So i looked at that and my first take was that it was kind of a poor return.
I compared that to my curation gains. (My active SP is exactly 3000SP+1200SP delegated to various projects)

In the last 30 days with 3000 SP i earned 24 SP (0.8% monthly return) vs his 4000 SP delegation and aprox. 41 Steem earned (1% monthly return)

I thought i was doing pretty decent considering you always lose 1 week of curation when you cancel your delegation, and having control over your Steem power and not participating in the shit show that is the trending page, while earning comparably the same amount of Steem seemed like a much better deal.

I just wasnt aware how much better it can actually get.

Slikovni rezultat za surprise funny

So i was prancing around the comment section of Shepz1 post and i ran into a guy that was claiming much higher returns then a bot can provide.
I was a bit skeptical so i replied to him and checked out his SteemWorld profile. @cryptoandcoffee.
What ive seen was that he indeed was doing much better then either me or someone that delegated to a bot.
In the last 30 days with 3600 SP he earned 54 SP from curation (1.5% monthly return) which is quite a bit more then what Shepz1 got from a bot.

This prompted me to think that i was doing something wrong if someone with comparable SP to mine is getting double my curation.
So i asked Cryptoandcoffeee what was up and he recommended i try moving my voting to minute 12. I did so a day ago but im still waiting to see if it makes a difference. I just barely passed 5 Sp a week.

If you also checked the trending Booster post Fryst wrote you will see he claims that with booster you can make 11% back yearly and with curation you can make around 9%.
Now Cryptoandcoffee is either a curation master or something strange is going on here since if he can sustain these gains, his yearly return would be 18% which is double Fyrst is claiming for curation and 7% more then what Booster can make you.

So back to my title… Can someone please help me become a curation master? haha

Ill see you guys around. 😀

Why wont Ned separate the trending page in two?

There have been hundreds of discussions about bots and a broken trending page but after all the talk about incentives, moral corruption, greed what im left asking is:

Why not just separate the promoted content from the organically voted content? Or dont seperate anything. Simply create a organic trending page and leave the current one as is.

Would it really be that hard creating a filter for the various bots that exist? The vast majority is already listed on “”. You can probably even filter out upvote selling services by following memos.

An upgrade to the system that could follow could be adding “views” to the content listing algo in a smaller percentage adjusted by how fast the user base grows.

Is this really that difficult to pull of?

Who loses from a change like that? Did you take anything away from anyone?


Im fully aware that there are some morally corrupt individuals on this blockchain and that those people would try to abuse the system. But with such a system in place it would be incredibly easy to find those individuals that would act in such a manner.

Steemit isnt Steem. You have freedom @ned to change certain things.

Keep on Steeming.