Done with Drug Wars. // Next Colony is starting to look like it might end up the same way.

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Its been a long time coming and the recent wipe of my armies really made it clear that i should just stop with wasting my time.

From day 1 i knew what was going to happen but that doesnt really matter now. A lot of time has passed and the drama has died down. Maybe it was actually drama that kept me playing?

At this point its getting old. The game itself is boring, there is no earning potential any more. Future tokens are worth a fraction of a cent and the mechanics are still dumb. I earned a few steem when steem was being payed out and im happy with that. Im done with Drug Wars, feel free to farm. :

Whats happening with games on Steem is actually a sad sight. Really, at this point only Steem Monsters holds my interest.

Even Next Colony seems like it will end badly. Something i had high hopes for and they rushed out a product that isnt really even a game.

All you do is restart timers on word rows.

Its silly, tedious and its dumb. Id wager there is more work and thought put into those textual RPGs made in the 80s then these two games.

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We need to stop rewarding this silliness.


No they fucking wont. Not these devs at least. Our main dev team is of questionable talent and you think Highcloud, or whatever his name is will take STEEM mainstream? No.

I know no one gives a fuck and most of people out there are either brownosing, circle jerking, vote selling…. But if there are any sane people out there, stop throwing money at anything and everything that is new and makes bold promises.

Im starting to feel like i should round up everyone, line them up in a row and do a slap-by. Might actually do it the next STEEMFEST. haha

Anyways.. Keep on… dunno… Drinking the kool-aid, i guess.