Did they “survive” to leaving the “Survive Mode”?

I am worried… is everything ok with you @steemit guys?

So far already 17 days have passed since the publication of your last couple of “informative” posts…

…and still “No words from you” guys?

Does MIRA work as you were expecting?

How is the Twitter Marketing campaign going on? any advancement?

Are you alive?

If yes, please don’t forget that you have someone still sending hundreds of thousand of STEEM off to the exchanges in a weekly basis while we are here waiting for your news and trying to convince the people not to power down and quit

Oh, yes, wait… I understand now! Perhaps you are so busy working in the new Hardfork that for sure will benefit as usual big stakers than the rest of the normal steemians…yeah, that makes sense as well…

Now seriously, would be great for everybody to keep alive the informative channels and the interaction with all of us. Hope to read anything from you, the sooner the better, in the meantime, let’s use palnet.io …