This proves one thing. You just cant know these things for sure.

Like every morning i checked the STEEM page on Coinmarketcap. And one more day STEEM has been in the green. In a week STEEM has added $35 million to its market cap which is a formidable gain. It begs the question as to why that is happening. Could it be that folks are falsely expecting SMT test net on 15. March? Is it a recovery thats happening now that the STINC FUD has died down a bit? Was Steem in the oversold category? Are Korean exchanges the culprit?

Truth of the matter is that you cant know for sure.

If you can at all.
Great to see, though im still 40% down on my investment

Its hard to guess where we will end up going forward but im sure we wont see a major movement without the whole market recovering. Dont get me wrong. I firmly believe that STEEM has a place in the top 15 with double its Market cap, but im not sure we will see that happen. Thats actually around the price i would need to break even.
Not with all the shady business going on right now with the crypto exchanges, the favoritism and the politics of it all.
You come to crypto to escape all that just to find more of it.
But i trust that over time things will change.
You cant hype up failed projects or projects with low potential indefinitely. Even if you could, you just cant hype them up into long term success stories, no matter how hard you might try.

Anyways… Ill see you round.