STEEM is experimenting a slightly increase in the Trading volume, mainly coming from buyers!!!!

It is still a shy green growth but seems sustained on the 4 Hour-chart.

Also, what I like most is the fact that on hourly of the STEEM/BTC chart, there are 3 on-a-row green candles after having touched the lowest STEEM vs BTC price ever at 4657 Satoshis, and this is happening at the same time BITCOIN is growing in price!

Lately, there is nothing better than seeing STEEM changing the direction, let’s see if we can hold this trend…

In my opinion, everything depends now on the entrance of new FIAT to the market so, we need BTC to keep growing not because the leakage of the altcoins but the TETHER and FIAT from the investors…

Let’s break that 200 Billion USD market cap to ensure the trend!!!!

Stay positive my friends!!!!