…and after getting enrolled at SNAX…

… by following the useful and quick tutorial written by my friend @ervin-lemark , I have managed to bind my twitter account and also my steem account, earning just for these two actions 100 SNAX which means a value of… well, nobody knows yet but it is very likely that it would have some value in the future… Do not ask me why because I am still learning from the whitepaper and studying the Roadmap.

But what I can tell you is that this project tries to reward the Social Media content creators with an specific token that seems to evaluate and measure the level of engagement, influence , followers etc…

From the whitepaper we can read:

We want to offer a solution which allows to measure the value of a public content
transparently and reward its creators without pushing social platforms to change established
business models.

Also, from point 3 of the same document:

SNAX is a utility token, which provides users with access to Snax economy, and is based on
rewarding active and influential users on public social platforms. Users can transfer SNAX
tokens to each other, stake SNAX to vote for block producers and buy computing resources
for dApps. Any user has three main ways to earn Snax tokens:

  1. Receive Regular Publisher Rewards.
  2. Receive donations from other users willing to support the author of the interesting
  3. To be elected as a Block Producer and receive Block Producer Rewards.

I am really curious to see how all this project evolves and, of course, for the moment it looks like free-token for everybody so, I like it 😉

Now is time for also getting some additional SNAX by participating at the #snaxBountyProgram .

Follow the indications of @dragosroua in this post in order to know how to do it…

By the way, our good steemian and witness, @dragosroua is an efficient SNAX Block Producer so, if if you have installed  SNAX-Voter , go and vote for him , he is called snaxtopia !!!