Another great upgrade on Steemworld

Have you seen the last upgrade of Steemworld ?

Go there and check your curation rewards, you will see how efficient you are as a curator.

I find it tremendously useful, not for me in particular because I am trying to upvote content without expecting to get the maximum of curation rewards but I understand that this tool and the one developed by @holger80 ( Beempy ) are really good tools for passive investors willing to maximize their investment while upvoting.

Curation trails and their followers can get the most if the manager of the trail try to check those numbers as well.

This guy , @steemchiller is really a perfectionist! He seems to have plenty of plans for @steemworld which are really coming week after week and the best of all is that I have never had a problem or bug by using his app.

My congratulations to @steemchiller for this new upgrade.