The Domino Effect



Downvotes Pool


Minnows and Dolphins struggling with rewards…

Bid Bots catastrophe…

Trending page looking better…

Scammers and Blockchain rewards-squeezers exiting…

Blockchain Alt…

Is there anything more?

Yes it is!!!

If you are a STEEM “Passive” investor and you are setting your STEEM account in order to follow any “CURATION TRAIL” configured at STEEMAUTO, there is a high likelihood that also your rewards will be affected by the new rules that @mahdiyari has disclosed at the STEEMAUTO discord channel just a few minutes ago.

This has been posted very recently and I have no idea what would be the final impact on many of us but be ready for another big change either if you follow a curation trail or you are a beneficiary of the votes of that curation trail.

Stakeholders are realigning the way we use the STEEM Blockchain, everybody is reacting and trying to adapt to the changes we have but…they are coming fast, very fast…

Welcome to the #newsteem blockchain!


(Picture from Nara Cute )

Monthly growth: Crossing the 6000 SP

One month more at the STEEM blockchain.

Almost 26 since I started at this blockchain. During all this time I have never powered down.

I have accumulated all my SP rewards coming from Author or Curation and I also have bought a few times STEEM and power up mostly.

Despite I have withdrawn some of my liquid rewards as well, I have been focused on building my SP stake, so, part of those liquid rewards have gone to feed also my Steem Power.

Today I am at the moment to cross the 6000 SP on my main account, 2600 SP out of the 6000 SP have come exclusively from Author and Curation rewards.

…and from those 2600 SP, at least 2200 SP have been obtained during the last 12 months.

This month, my Author Rewards have decayed a little compared with the two last months:

Perhaps the current correction on the market has had some effect on the trend…I guess..

However, my Curation rewards have marked another All Time High:

So, something I am doing well, at least…

Compounding both charts:

So, it has not been a bad year at all in terms of building my account.

If I manage to maintain the uptrend here, 8000 SP can be an achievable target by the end of the year…if not earlier since the Market is offering an excellent opportunity nowadays.

Keep accumulating!


At the doors of the Dolphinhood…

Image source.

Ahhhhhh!!! I did not reach Dolphinhood for just a very little difference in comparison with my predictions this past April.

However my Curation Rewards reached another All Time High again!!!

According to Accusta from @semasping I get 28.37 SP in Curation. According to Steemworld from @steemchiller 28.29 SP. Pretty similar data.

In terms of pure SP Rewards not bad at all also, 196 SP for accusta and 188 for Steemworld (why such a difference?)

I’m just very near to break my target of 5000 SP and becoming a Dolphin which for me was the main goal since I started almost 2 years ago… I have invested on STEEM but, of course not at the current prices which is a pity… actually the cheapest time I bought was on August last year and it was something like 500 Steem which I powered up completely but before I bought in different points at 1 USD, 1.2 USD and 2.5 USD if I remember well, something like 1850 STEEM bought in total and completely powered up…and, of course, never powered down.

So, I am pretty proud that the majority of my staked STEEM has come from posting, engaging, commenting and upvoting mostly during these last “Bad” months.

Building engagement has been the key in all this process for sure and that should be the main for anyone willing to success at the Steem Blockchain.

Better times are ahead of us in economic terms so don’t lose the train to build your Steem Power now or you will regret later on.

Steem on mates!


Another great upgrade on Steemworld

Have you seen the last upgrade of Steemworld ?

Go there and check your curation rewards, you will see how efficient you are as a curator.

I find it tremendously useful, not for me in particular because I am trying to upvote content without expecting to get the maximum of curation rewards but I understand that this tool and the one developed by @holger80 ( Beempy ) are really good tools for passive investors willing to maximize their investment while upvoting.

Curation trails and their followers can get the most if the manager of the trail try to check those numbers as well.

This guy , @steemchiller is really a perfectionist! He seems to have plenty of plans for @steemworld which are really coming week after week and the best of all is that I have never had a problem or bug by using his app.

My congratulations to @steemchiller for this new upgrade.


Help me, i suck at curation.

A few days ago i ran into a post by @shepz1 where he looks at the payouts he received from delegating to the SmartSteem bot.

In under 1 month, the returns have been to date 34.579 steem & 2.847 SBD.

On 4000 SP delegation.

So i looked at that and my first take was that it was kind of a poor return.
I compared that to my curation gains. (My active SP is exactly 3000SP+1200SP delegated to various projects)

In the last 30 days with 3000 SP i earned 24 SP (0.8% monthly return) vs his 4000 SP delegation and aprox. 41 Steem earned (1% monthly return)

I thought i was doing pretty decent considering you always lose 1 week of curation when you cancel your delegation, and having control over your Steem power and not participating in the shit show that is the trending page, while earning comparably the same amount of Steem seemed like a much better deal.

I just wasnt aware how much better it can actually get.

Slikovni rezultat za surprise funny

So i was prancing around the comment section of Shepz1 post and i ran into a guy that was claiming much higher returns then a bot can provide.
I was a bit skeptical so i replied to him and checked out his SteemWorld profile. @cryptoandcoffee.
What ive seen was that he indeed was doing much better then either me or someone that delegated to a bot.
In the last 30 days with 3600 SP he earned 54 SP from curation (1.5% monthly return) which is quite a bit more then what Shepz1 got from a bot.

This prompted me to think that i was doing something wrong if someone with comparable SP to mine is getting double my curation.
So i asked Cryptoandcoffeee what was up and he recommended i try moving my voting to minute 12. I did so a day ago but im still waiting to see if it makes a difference. I just barely passed 5 Sp a week.

If you also checked the trending Booster post Fryst wrote you will see he claims that with booster you can make 11% back yearly and with curation you can make around 9%.
Now Cryptoandcoffee is either a curation master or something strange is going on here since if he can sustain these gains, his yearly return would be 18% which is double Fyrst is claiming for curation and 7% more then what Booster can make you.

So back to my title… Can someone please help me become a curation master? haha

Ill see you guys around. 😀