Game of Thrones is about to go ballistic.

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Watched episode 2 a few mins ago. I liked it because im a fan but if im being objective the episode was pretty boring.

A lot of holding hands and dark rooms. Goddammit, everything is super dark. Cant see anything. Had to raise the brightness on my TV and pull up the curtains.
I wasnt a fan of how they dealt with the “reunions” if i look at writing alone but seeing the characters together did feel good.
Im starting to feel that Game of Thrones is experiencing the “end of series weakness”.
Show runners under pressure to wrap up everything lead to holes in story telling.

But lets see what happens. I wouldnt want main characters to just die in battle for the sake of shocking the viewers. And i feel that might be the case. Every single major character up to this point died in a meaningful way plot-wise.
If they kill them off next week in episode 3 in a “simple” battle i will be extremely dissapointed.

Whatever happens next week will be “balls to the wall” 24/7 excitement. And ill be up at 2 AM waiting to pick up the show the second it goes live no matter what. Still…. Hope they dont fuck it up.

Game of Thrones is coming to an end. Hoping the new Lord of the Rings series can take its place.

Ill see you around.

Keep on killing them White Walker. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Flies away….

Best of TV // Ancient Aliens


I think i might have found myself a new awesome show to watch on TV.
There is basically only 4 programs i ever watch. I dont watch the news, i dont watch movies on TV, i dont watch reruns of Friends. (20 times was enough)
Im a football fan and i dont even watch that at home. I go to the pub.

The only time i turn my TV on is during dinner and only to watch watch the documentary channels. History channel, National Geographic, NatGeo, Discovery channel, etc.

Last few weeks i watched almost every day a docu-series called:
“Second World War in color” (or something similar).
But as all things the series came to an end. There are only so many second world war stories you can tell. We know, the bad guy shoots himself in the head at the end.

I was looking for something else that would peak my interest again and just today did i run into the perfect show for me.


Most of you have heard about this show. If not by watching the show, but from the memes that were popular at one time.


As much as i am a subscriber of what you would call “rational skepticism” and the show completely goes against my worldviews i could not have been more entertained.

Dont get me wrong, the show is completely bonkers and not a single thing they say has any basis in reality but the stretch they make from “mystery A” to “Its Aliens” is so brilliant that it cant not entertain you.

Im someone that loves mystery, fiction, high fantasy. Im a fan of old Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Christian mythology. Anything that gives a larger then life explanation of the world and makes extremely bold claims.
Theres something very magical in seeing how people perceive the world or used to perceive the world around them.
I felt that this show really fell right in there perfectly and i loved it right away.

The episode i watched today was about “dissapearing” islands. (I think it was season 6)
There was this island in Micronesia (i think) called “Sandy Island,” (you can look it up) and in the show instead of looking at more realistic conclusions like:

It was a human error in map making, the island never really existed….

They immediately went with (mind you, without any evidence whatsoever and not a single thing that would even point to alien presence):

Its an Alien base that is hidden by stealth technology where Alien ships come to refuel. (I kid you not)

And how am i not supposed to think this show is brilliant. ๐Ÿ˜€

Theres also this sentence the narrator keeps repeating that just makes me giggle every time. Its one of those sentences you pick when you play a drinking game.

Could it be possible that alien, dot dot dot….

Its pretty obvious why the show has to do that. The context isnt really changed, but with a presentation like this, what they can do with the narrative expands greatly.
Since this is a nonsense show, that has basically Mulder wannabes presenting the topics, if they claimed with any degree of certainty that “It was Aliens“, they would get a lot of backlash. Instead what they do is turn this into a “What if show”, or a “mystery show”.

Anyways. Just wanted to share that. lol.

So… have you guys seen this show, what did you think?
Have you been probed by aliens?
If you ran into an alien, would you want Mulder with you or Ripley?

haha. Ill see you around. Keep on Steeming and Whalesharing. ๐Ÿ˜€

Found me a perfect TV series // The Expanse

Slikovni rezultat za the expanse

Im someone that is a huge fan of Sci-fi movies and series. Basically, anything that might be happening in space.

Every single Star Trek series (until STD) – Loved it
2001: A space Odyssey – Loved it
Moon (2009) – Loved it
Serenity (2005) – Loved it
Galaxy Quest (1999) – Loved it
The Last Jedi (2017) – <sub>Screw that movie</sub>

What im trying to say is that ive watched a large number of movies and series that happen in space, that are predominantly Sci-fi and i simply love the genre.
Lately i havent been able to pick up a lot of good Sci-fi movies, let alone long format series, so when i found “The Expanse” a few days ago and started watching it i was extremely excited.

Povezana slika

Sure theres the new Star Trek ive written a bit about but im just not in love with it. Id say im more on the dislike side if im honest. Close to the middle but still cant say im positive about it.

So i started watching this and i didnt really expect much looking at the trailer. It kind of looked cheap. But when i got into it a bit its the complete opposite. The show has a gritty realistic look you buy into easily. This isnt a multi-million dollar show like STD but for its budget it does things really well.

Im currently half way into season 1 and when i started up i could already see a few flaws that are very slowly getting fixed as the season moves along.
There are some pacing issues, wonky dialog and questionable resolutions.
The plot tends to drag on a bit.
Still, as i said, i can feel it slowly getting better already by episode 6 im currently on.

The show itself is very character heavy and it jumps from main character to main character the same way Game of Thrones does it.
That adds a lot to world (space) building and establishing faction relationships but can strain the episode a bit since some times you want to jump back to one character that has something much more interesting going on and youre stuck listening to some council.

Povezana slika

Still, after only a few episodes you really get hooked on the characters. Most of them anyways and you start to enjoy their little quirks.
The show has some resemblance in structure to Game of Thrones with the politics and intrigue, though it does not feel like it is as polished in that regard. (Im still on season 1.)

One of the things i just love are the ships. Brilliant renders, extremely believable and cool designs. Seeing them fly through space is just a joy every time. The interiors are what you would expect so not much to say there.

Slikovni rezultat za the expanse battleship

All in all, im enjoying the show immensely and i have 3 more seasons of it to look forward to which fills me with joy. ๐Ÿ˜€

Definitely a recommend by me.

And the most brilliant thing about it is that it was canceled last year like another beloved show called “Firefly”. But this time the fans won and Amazon picked up the show. Read more about it here if youre interested.

Off to watch some more. ๐Ÿ˜›