I finally have sustainable voting power // Steemvoter

Lately i have been having trouble keeping my voting power from draining fast. At one point i dropped to under 60%.
You work hard to build up your few cents never to see your full vote drop.

I was supporting a few folks via SteemVoter that post multiple times a day and my VP was falling rapidly.

I tweaked a few things and i seem to be recovering my VP slowly. The problem is that i cant know for sure how many times someone will post a day so i would love to see @steemvoter / @buildteam add an option of being able to choose how many times a day my vote goes out.
That would allow much more customization and a better experience overall.

Maybe you want to vote someone always 100% no matter what. Great. Maybe you want to vote someone 2 times a day for 100%. 4 times a day at 50%.

An option like that would allow us to have more control over our voting power and that is something that i would most definitely like to see.

You could even monetize added functions like this. Provide the basic service to everyone for free, but charge a few Steem a month for a more customized experience.

Im a relatively small account and my curation is just a small part of my income here, but im sure there are large curator accounts that would love having a higher level of customization and would probably pay for it. The feature i mentioned is just one among few that could be added to the payed package.

One day i shall see my VP over 90%. haha.

Ill see you guys around. 😛