My Journey to restore health and well being – just completed traditional Reiki First Degree – :-)

I have Fibromyalgia and inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis, which in the past few years has crippled me at times.

The western pharmaceuticals have not worked for me. infact some have made me worse.
Vioxx (now removed after causing deaths) sulfasalazine, methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine , Azathioprine, steroid injections, gold injections have all given me bad side effects and have done nothing to improve my health.

Ironically since i stopped taking any of the above, my health has started to improve.
Also in the past few months i started courses in mindfullness & meditation and Reiki first degree. I have also started taking high doses of Vitamin D.
For the first time in years my health has started to improve.

Reiki and meditation has definitely improved my health, phsyically and mentally. If you suffer from ill health i would definitely recommend trying a reiki or meditation course. They work on so many levels.
For me i started to see an improvement in my mood and sleep straight away . for many years now i have been in constant pain and exhaustion so to suddenly get better sleep and motivation has had a beneficial knock on effect on my health. I feel things are now starting to improve.

I am going to continue studying meditation and reiki and will be starting reiki second degree in a few weeks.

If you live in west yorkshire why not come and try 1 of these courses? the tutor is excellent and runs various courses on furthering your health, well being and knowledge.

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