Need to let off some steam:

I wasn’t going to write this as a full post, but while typing it I realised that my experience may be able to help others.

For the past two years I’ve been working on a “secret” project: helping a friend devise a revolutionary new – let’s call it a “communications system” – with the sole aim of vastly improving global understanding and inter-person relationships. He’s a little eccentric and paranoid (“little” being a nice way of saying “extremely”). I was to help him run the entire enterprise, coordinating global teams and leading operations. We’ve done substantial groundwork, thanks in no small part to my (entirely voluntary and unpaid) contributions. Now, with funding finally secured and only weeks away from launching the first modules of our dream into reality, he suddenly turns paranoid against ME!

Bit Brain being Bit Brain, I bow to nobody and I DON’T take kindly to seemingly benevolent friends who turn out to be tyrants when the brown stuff hits the fan! It’s hard to tell what’s worse: that he couldn’t see why I was angry; that he tried to turn everything around on me; or that he obviously believes that his conduct, though demonstrably heinous, is beyond reproach!

Needless to say, today marked the end of my involvement with his project – I can’t work with a lunatic who doesn’t trust my capabilities and judgement. I can’t work with someone who takes exception to me fighting governments and spreading the truth (which I do everywhere), because it may make his company “look bad”. That doesn’t even make sense considering what he wants his company to ultimately do! It’s terribly sad, he completely lacks the skills and experience to work with a dynamic team, he stands zero chance of success without my help. The project is a good one (if rather ambitious), but it deserves a shot and I was willing to do my very best to give it that shot.

Now, all is lost, thanks solely to his suddenly inane behaviour.

It’s been a rather hard blow to take: I was keen on the challenge, I really wanted to help make the world a better place, I could sure have used a little cash flow too (though it was never about money) – this could have been revolutionary.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, especially in the wake of watching well-intentioned crypto projects get hit so hard by the crypto winter. But I guess that’s life, you don’t get to choose how it plays out. So I’ll be doing what I always do: get back up, dust myself off, learn lessons from the experience and just keep on trying my best to make a difference wherever I can. I accept that the scope my control is limited; I do what I can and what I think is right, the rest is in God’s hands.

People are struggling; just as I was about to fall asleep last night, I checked my phone and spotted one of those “help my, my life is too much for me and I’m overwhelmed!” posts on a friend’s Facebook wall – maybe you’ve seen a similar one yourself. I immediately reacted to it and offered her a listening ear, sometimes all people need is somebody to talk to. It’s not the first time something like has happened, and it surely won’t be the last.

Remember that everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle, don’t be fooled by their positive Facebook statuses and happy looking photos on Instagram showing their perfect lives. Two years ago I reacted to another of those Facebook posts. I tried hard to help a friend of mine who was going through a bad patch. Not long after that he committed suicide. It’s a tragedy and a loss that I will never forget, but at least I can look myself in the mirror and know that I tried, that I made a concerted effort to prevent it. I keep a screenshot of his final message to me, it simply says “Thank you.” I still shed a few tears whenever I see it. 😢 You can see it up at the top of this post.

Just imagine how I would feel if I hadn’t tried!

Take care of yourselves ladies and gentlemen, and take care of each other too. It is often when we don’t consider one another and we act selfishly that conflict occurs. I always tell my wife that our marriage will remain rock solid as long as we both keep putting one another first.

Okay, let’s get my chin off the floor and see where life takes me from here.
In the wise words of Cumbawamba’s “Tubthumping” (yes I’m THAT old!):

“I get knocked down,
But I get up again,
You are never gonna keep me down.”

Yours in friendship

Bit Brain

“The secret to success: find out where people are going and get there first” 

~ Mark Twain

“Crypto does not require institutional investment to succeed; institutions require crypto investments to remain successful” 

~ Bit Brain

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Kicking the sugar habit

Sine, I think, I started earning my own money, I have had an issue with sweet things. Candy, chips, ice-cream etc. I always had a sweet tooth but my parents did not really keep much around the house so as a kid it was not such an issue.

Free photo 2354079 © Alexey

Over the years my wife has pointed it out numerous times though, a few years back she decided to change her eating habits, for the sake of her health and wellbeing. She tried to get me onboard too, knowing that, while it did not show, I was not eating healthy and I was becoming less and less active.

She wanted support as it would be harder for her to change if I kept on my merry way. I agreed in principle.

In reality I struggled immensely. I finally started realising what a problem it was.

Free photo 175953 © Johanna

Still nothing changed, only last year did I make a concerted effort to cut sugar out completely. It was eye opening how difficult it was and how much I craved any snack. My wife has been super supportive, knowing I was struggling, she bought 70 or 75% cocoa chocolate, which I did not enjoy at all. I craved the sweetness of milk chocolate and candies and biscuits even.

Soon enough I fell back into the trap of snacking multiple times a day, then eating even more after dinner.

Free photo 2028960 © Anthony

My wife set an ultimatum (another one, she has tried more than once). She was to eat more healthy and I had to join her, starting in September. The first week we both lapsed, but last week we both faired much better.

I went a week with no sugar, it did not even seem that hard, till my wife brought home a treat for me, when I saw it I could feel my mouth watering. I ate it and immediately after felt I needed more.

Photo by from Pexels

This weekend so far I have had pancakes for breakfast, a pastry at coffee with my wife and some ice-cream. While it is less than any comparative Saturday, I feel I need to stay away from it completely or I will be tempted to go back to my old ways.

So here we go again, I am going to try get through another week with no sugar or processed snacks.

Wish me luck!

I am applying to be an Actifit Mentor

This is the official application post for the role of an @actifit mentor.

As @rosatravels stated in her post Accepting Actifit Mentors Applications Now there are some requirements to meet and some guidelines to follow, some commitments to make and to fulfill.

The requirements

  • Actifit mentor needs a reputation of at least 50
  • Actifit mentor needs to have at least 30 Reports on your Actifit Activity

The commitments

  • Onboarding new members to Steem and Actifit
  • Helping new members
  • Onboarding at least 10 new members and help them stay active

I ask the following members to vouch for me that I am suitable for the role of an Actifit mentor. Thank you very much in advance.

@toofasteddie, @amico, @mcfarhat, @roger5120, @cryptospa

I wish all the future mentors and especially all the new and fresh Actifit members successful and fruitful journey.


Better and better

Please welcome & upvote my good friend @suziverse to steemit. She is battling 3rd stage cancer and would like to share her journey with you.

@suziverse is a poet and writer who wants to share her story with you in the hope of helping others on similar journey’s. please support her.

Please click on the links below and support her posts. Thank you 🙂

Any revenue raised from this post will be sent to @suziverse.

My Journey to restore health and well being – just completed traditional Reiki First Degree – :-)

I have Fibromyalgia and inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis, which in the past few years has crippled me at times.

The western pharmaceuticals have not worked for me. infact some have made me worse.
Vioxx (now removed after causing deaths) sulfasalazine, methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine , Azathioprine, steroid injections, gold injections have all given me bad side effects and have done nothing to improve my health.

Ironically since i stopped taking any of the above, my health has started to improve.
Also in the past few months i started courses in mindfullness & meditation and Reiki first degree. I have also started taking high doses of Vitamin D.
For the first time in years my health has started to improve.

Reiki and meditation has definitely improved my health, phsyically and mentally. If you suffer from ill health i would definitely recommend trying a reiki or meditation course. They work on so many levels.
For me i started to see an improvement in my mood and sleep straight away . for many years now i have been in constant pain and exhaustion so to suddenly get better sleep and motivation has had a beneficial knock on effect on my health. I feel things are now starting to improve.

I am going to continue studying meditation and reiki and will be starting reiki second degree in a few weeks.

If you live in west yorkshire why not come and try 1 of these courses? the tutor is excellent and runs various courses on furthering your health, well being and knowledge.

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