Two Minute Crypto – Altcoiner or Bitcoin Maximalist?

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Altcoiner or Bitcoin Maximalist?

Welcome to Two Minute Crypto. This episode is a little more personalized in tone and explores my own particular process of identifying the term which best exemplifies my crypto investment thesis.

If you’ve spent any time at all surveying the crypto landscape you’ve doubtless encountered the Alt Coiner – BTC Maximalist fault line. These two camps rarely have much good to say about each other though Bitcoin does generally seem to have the upper hand in any proof of concept argument. Regular listeners will know that I favour BTC over any other project in crypto. I won’t rehash this oft-stated position. However, I’m certainly not a BTC Maximalist – a crypto worldview I attempted to shed light on in last week’s episode.

As previously discussed, BTC accounts for approximately 70% of my crypto portfolio. It is also the only crypto I dollar-cost average into each and every week. Nonetheless, there are a number of Altcoin projects which I believe have obvious and sustainable potential – Ethereum, EOS and Cardano primary among them. In addition, I have a number of small positions in ‘wildcard’ projects such as Elastos, Nuls, NEO and others. Bitcoin Maximalist, therefore, is definitely not a good fit nor however, is Alt-Coiner. If I had to pick only one – it would be Bitcoin but, of course, I don’t. While I’m fairly confident BTC will remain unchallenged in terms of its claim as a store of value – blockchain offers so much more and there’s absolutely no proof that there, ‘can be only one.’

In pondering this I’ve finally decided on the nomenclature that correctly reflects my crypto investment thesis – I’m a Bitcoin Majoritarian. Yep, I just invented a word but I’m sure you get my meaning. The majority of my holdings are BTC. The majority of my future planned investments remain targeted on BTC. In addition, the majority of my time is spent researching BTC tech, developments, and market conditions – ergo I’m a BTC Majoritarian. Mostly Bitcoin but with a minority interest in other applications and iterations of crypto. So now I can rest easy and spend the next few years spreading BTC Majoritarianism to my heart’s content!

Thanks for listening.

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