Two Minute Crypto – Deciphering China’s Blockchain Play – Part 3 of 5

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China’s Blockchain Play Part 3 of 5 – The Domestic Scenario

Welcome to
Two Minute Crypto. This week focuses on the likely implications of China’s apparent
‘embrace’ of blockchain for ‘local’ projects. On the face of it – China’s ‘blockchain
good’ stance would seem incredibly bullish for home-grown initiatives. High-profile
chains such as NEO, Ontology and Tron spring to mind. With state sanction and access
to market of over a billion people – the outlook is great, right?

the reality is far less glamorous. First and foremost, let’s once again return
to the purpose of blockchain as envisaged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) –
control. This and only this lies at the base of any interest in crypto. It
follows that any blockchain system green-lit by the CCP will be centralized and
profoundly so. Doubtless, a veneer of independence may be touted but the belief
that the ruling party would simply step aside because blockchain will be good
for the economy is so naïve as to verge on foolish.

The Beijing
model is of blockchain as an additive tool of authoritarian control. As an
investor, this fundamentally undermines the value proposition seemingly
afforded by the rollout of blockchain in China.

Investors face
the reality of being entirely outside looking in with few if any avenues for
good, reliable information. This opacity applies equally for domestic investors
unless, of course, they have high-level ties to the party.  In practice, this means that picking a winner
is all but impossible. The fundamentals of a chain are entirely irrelevant to whether
or not it will be utilized by the CCP. Comparing NEO’s node network or Dapp
ecosystem to Tron or Ontology etc. is a fruitless exercise…..fundamentals will
not be the deciding factor of whether or not a home-grown project receives
state backing.

To be clear,
those that do gain state endorsement will almost certainly see a run-up in
valuation but you as an investor will in no way be privy to that process. ‘Sources
say’ reports from the crypto media are entirely worthless in this regard – they
are based on hearsay and all but certainly mere speculative nonsense. You will
know when the CCP wants you to know.

Of course, short-term speculation on state intentions do indeed provide opportunities.  It’s not unreasonable to assume that local high-profile projects will attract speculative investments as the market attempts to ‘pick the winners’. With this in mind, I personally hold small positions in both NEO and Ontology. However, these are not decade-spanning investments. I intend to scale out if and when given the opportunity to do so.  

Regardless of current profile, once the market in general catches on that blockchain will be utilized as a tool of state repression and little more most domestic chains will become far less appealing through the simple act of comparison with their decentralized peers. Certainly, some chains will become attractive as they gifted oversight over certain areas of the economy such as maintaining medical records, etc. but ascertaining which projects will end up in such positions is not simply the outcome of a reasoned assessment of project fundamentals and market need – it is at the whim of the party.

Sure, a few
of the chosen will accrue long-term value assuming they tow the line but that
will be a state decision the market will have no say-in whatsoever. State
monopolies can be immensely valuable, but retail investors rarely reap the
rewards they offer. This is simply not a game worth playing in the long-run.

Over the
coming years – much better opportunities will likely be found in crypto
projects that operate without direct government control and supervision.

Thanks for listening.

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