Building Minnows: SBI Sponsoring [W2]

This week has been a weird one. I did not find new steemians to follow, however it is true I couldn’t dedicate my time this week on a more intensive research.

I am really satisfied for having found @mrhill last week, he is posting almost every day and from time to time he writes very good stuff about Running topics as for instance this one .

Normally, I like to do my own research in the quest to find new steemians to follow, in particular I am interested on those good content creators that would need some help to grow up and build their account at least till the Minnow’s level, if you know someone who deserves to be supported, please let me know…

SBI Sponsoring

This week, besides @mrhill, I am going to sponsor @javirid and @pandorasbox with @steembasicincome shares.

About the first I already spoke about.

About @javirid I would say that, he is one of the more original steemians I met. He used to write short posts, usually in spanish despite his english language skills are outstanding. He is not the typical “spammer”, he really writes what he feels, no matter the topic or the discussion and I really appreciate his honesty, opinion and help provided in many occasions. Additionally, he is always supportive in STEEM technical aspects, as Witnessing, Coding, Development… I would like to see @javirid reaching Minnows-land and beyond in short…

What to tell you about @pandorasbox ? @pandorasbox is a MUST BE FOLLOWED steemian. Why? Simply read the following posts and have a look to her blog:

Bull market confirmed – From now on it is time to BTFD!

Bitcoin: Is this a Sucker’s Rally or Denial? ? Yes, I’m still here! Read all about where I went and why I’m back ?‍♀️

And that’s all for this week folks!

Steem on.


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